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Hey, I was wondering if a substitute film can be used in a brownie junior 616 series 2 camera that is supposed to take the discontinued 616 film only. Has anyone experimented with other films that might work? I really want to experiment but i need some kind of film! Any tips would be so helpful. thanks and have a good day. :)

-- Jennifer Dennis (, July 10, 2000


Film for Classics doesn't carry 616


The link you supplied is a very old price. Film for Classics only carries a small number of films nowadays. There is one place to get 616 that I know of and that is:

As far as processing, Central Camera might do it and certainly Rocky Mountain Lab will, they have a link from the "film" page on this site.

Take Care,


-- Chuck (, November 29, 2000.

There's no easy substitute ... 120 film is too narrow for full frame negatives and sheet film cut to size will only be good for one or two exposures at a time, assuming you can find suitable material for the backing paper. The camera could be modified to use 120 film, either as a conventional 6x9cm camera (involves making a new "red window" in the back and masking the interior of the camera and the viewfinder) or as a "semi-panoramic", making relatively long thin negatives, but you'll have to figure out a way of measuring the film through the camera, the existing frame numbers on the 120 backing paper are too close together.

-- Chris Eve (, July 10, 2000.

Never say die! The internet harbors a place to buy or sell anything. Processing might be a little tougher, but look locally.

-- Ethan Joseph Strauss (, November 29, 2000.

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