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With the recent release of Life-Like's E-6A's in N scale, I've found a perfect motive power answer for my N&W "Pocahontas". However, I'm not sure of the E-3(6)'s numbers that were leased. In addition, I'm aware that several of leased units were ACL E-7A's and the remaining units were RF&P E-8A's. Anybody know if units #504 and/or 514 were leased? Many thanks!

-- Allen Evans (, July 09, 2000



524 was an E7A, the B units were E7Bs, 750 and 754 were E6Bs, and that ACL E units ran like this: For the A units they were-500, 501 (E3A), 502-523(E6A), 524-543(E7A), 544-548(E8A). The B units were from 750-766. Hope this helped any!


-- Jason Castine (, June 17, 2002.


The information I have (from Bud Jefferies, off the N&WHS mailing list), is that the A units were 512, 524, 530, 531, 533. The first was an E6, the last 3 were E7s, and 524 could have been either.

The B units were 755, 760 & 762.

I have some follow up questions to this:

Was 524 an E6A or an E7A?

Were those B units E6Bs or E7Bs?

Life-Like's E6Bs are numbered 750 & 754, were these really E6Bs or were they E7Bs?

And just for completeness, what were the overall number series for the the ACL E units in general?

Thanks, Simon Leigh (another N&W N scale modeller)

-- Simon Leigh (, June 12, 2002.

Some of the leased ACL units were 512-524-530-533. ACL leased N&W some "B" units which had to be renumbered while on N&W because their numbers (ACL 750-series) conflicted with some already delivered N&W GP-9's.

-- Harry Bundy (, July 10, 2000.

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