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We "settled" for #7,000 with our lender, but then discovered they were simultaneously chasing his ex-spouse as well (for the full amount - not just the other half). When questioned about this via our solicitor, they said they would only settle for #9,000 if we're settling for both parties. In other words, they added #2,000 to the bill. We are thinking now, of going to court...not to fight them about the amount... because it's just too wearying, but to prove we cannot afford #9,000. The trouble is, my partner works 7 days a week and looks quite well off on paper, but he has done this to get us back on our feet again, not only after losing his house where his ex-wife lives in Newcastle, but after we lost our flat in London, too. I don't know how long his health will withstand working such long hours & 7 days a week. Will the judge take this into account when he looks at my partner's income, or will he just think we can afford the #9000? We think they discovered his income when we applied for a loan to pay the #7,000 originally agreed. Any views?

-- (, July 09, 2000


First of all,take a way the word "we" you are not responsible for your partners previous Shortfall or his ex wife and you disregard any income that you earn or savings etc! As you state going to court may cause you more stress! You have come to an agreement which has not been correct and as I stated in an Answer a few days a go borrowing or obtaining a Loan to service a Shortfall Debt can lead to other problems -as you have found out! You should go and see Debt advisor at the the CAb or Welfare rights if you have one in your own Town and let them deal with both the shortfall and your partners -income and expenditure and what you truly can afford!

Good Luck

Charles Twford

-- charles twford (, July 09, 2000.

Can I just add to Charles' answer that if there isn't a debt advisor at your local Citizens Advice Bureau, do try other bureaux near to your area who may be able to help. I would strongly advise against using debt counsellors such as those which are advertising on TV, or who send junk email as you will end up paying them large sums to "sort your debts".

-- pendle (, July 09, 2000.

Thank you *pendle* for your prompt reply-you have raised a good point there and is much appreciated as it al helps on the Q & A section

Kind Regards

Charles Twford

-- charles twford (, July 09, 2000.

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