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I am trying to find the exact date when the very last passenger train utilized/stopped at Dunedin, Florida. The Dundedin Historical Society says January 1968, but my SCL (December 1970) passenger timetables still lists passenger service. Can someone clarify this?? Thank you in advance.

H. Fuller

-- Harry W. Fuller (, July 09, 2000


Harry - It would appear, from going through the final SCL and first Amtrak timetables, that last train to stop at Dunedin, Fla., was the combined "City of Miami/Gulf Wind" on April 30th, 1971, the day before Amtrak took over operations. SCL had applied to discontinue service through Dunedin as early as 1968, but, while each timetable thereafter carries a footnote to "check with ticket agent" on availabity of tickets to Dunedin, times are still shown and the trains still ran until Amtrak-eve. The "Gulf Wind" ran under Amtrak, but via Jacksonville-Orlando-Lakeland.

-- Tom Underwood (, July 09, 2000.

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