What kind of airline experiences have you had?

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What kind of airline experiences have you had?--Al

-- Al Schroeder (al.schroeder@nashville.com), July 09, 2000


The seats are narrower, there is less and less leg room and of course with an increasing number of people to board / deplane the waits are longer. Air fare prices - - - I laugh - - - it is getting to be cheaper to get buried than to fly. Delays are longer. But like our country - - - it is the best we have.

-- Denver doug (ionoi@webtv.net), July 09, 2000.

I took a connecting flight where I was the only person on the plane. It was a 10 seat puddle jumper, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

On the other hand, I flew to Alaska and was stuck in the window seat for five hours. I had to pee soooo badly...

All in all, I like flying. Hate priceline.com and American Airlines, but love the flying process. However, I still can't quite get the fear of "My god, what if we crash?" out of my head. Too many high profile cases on TV in the past couple of years.

Lis blue letters

-- Lis (lis_beth76@yahoo.com), July 09, 2000.

All in all good experiences only. Nice people who give a woman with five children help instead of nasty looks!! I've had bumpy flight when I worried what would happen if, but nothing did!! I have even had an airline (American)go out of it's way to help a very distraught me arrange a flight to her brother's funeral and they set me up in the VIP lounge when they realized I wouldn't make it there without a five hour layover in Chicago!!

-- GlennaB (glennab@home.com), July 09, 2000.

I guess my most remembered experience is the day that Braniff went out of business. I remember being on an American Airlines plane, flying to Oklahome City to go to Air Traffic Controller school. The Air Traffic Controller strike was about two weeks old, and as the plane moved down the tarmac, I could see all of the Braniff planes parked along the terminal. It was sad to see another airlines fail.

-- Planet Earth (imagine@industrial-ideas.com), July 12, 2000.

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