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Buh- Buh- Buh Benny and the jets... Oh Hi! Heh heh.... Anyway, I have this really awesome blue hare with a cr*pload of moves and really good lif, pow, spd and ski (really good for me at least) And a Daton who has a lot of moves and good Int, Spd, and Ski. (and fairly good Pow. for a Tiger) and also she has a lot of moves. I don't remember the approx. stats of either right now, But the hare has over 500 Spd, is in A class, aand retired. The Daton has over 400 ski, and she's almost 3 years old. The Hare is in A class, the Daton in C class. When I'm done with the Daton, do ya think ot'd be a good idea to mix them?

-- War Motimon (, July 07, 2000


interesting you should bring that up, raising monsters now with an eye to seeing whether i can engineer a great combo comment from dadge at the lab. what im doing is, i first raised a gali to a certain level of stats, and froze him even tho he has lots of life left. now ill raise a jell to as close a level of stats to the gali as i can. if i dont get a great combo, ill take them up a level, move the order of stats around, etc.

so my suggestion is to get the stats of your tiger and your hare as close as possible. they seem fairly compatible breedwise. then see what dadge says.

-- torey luvullo (, July 08, 2000.


-- War Motimon (, July 09, 2000.

My Armor Dragon Has 700 Def and 400 Pow And everything else is around 200-250!His name is MetalPiedMon,From Digimon,And he is metal so I added Metal to PiedMon and Tada!!!

-- Tyrant (, July 16, 2000.

armor dragons are the bomb! gilgamesh's current stats: lif=515






still coming out of retirement to win silver peaches every year.

-- torey luvullo (, July 16, 2000.

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