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Ive been asked for 30000 from a solicitor for nationwide.

Im on a modest salary (22000) but after paying bills and maintenance Im left with 300 for food and clothes a month.

The solicitor has said on the phone that nationwide normally look for 50%.

The solicitor asked me for my salary and i told him (Duuugh), asked me if I rented then I said yes and cut the conversation.

I told him I had no friends or family who could lend me money, but I would ask the bank, which I will do.

What really bothers me is that the nationwide did and charged for a survey valuation for my 38500 mortgage then sold the house 6 years later for 19000 - the solicitor said it would have been sold for the market value.

I dont know if my bank will lend me the money - I can "afford" a 5000 loan if I pull my finances tight.

Please help if you can spare any advice


-- robin dodd (robdodd@dialstart.net), July 07, 2000


First of all you sound like you are on a tight budget so you dont go taking Loans out just to try and get these Solicitors off your back You would be better to go and see a Debt advisor at the CAB or Welfare Rights if there is one were you Live.

Then let them look at the whole position and advise you!also you could and they usual do anyway contact these Solicitors that they are looking at your problem.

So dont panic-seek help and take it stage by stage

Good Luck

Charles Twford

-- charles twford (charles.twford@lineone.net), July 07, 2000.

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