For those of you who want the EZ Board Website before this Forum closes. : LUSENET : TB2K spinoff uncensored : One Thread

-- susie Q (, July 07, 2000


Yourdon also has a new forum on CoolBoard. msgboard=357597981081895&idDispSub=827429801892357&viewmode=1235987813 2472

-- (, July 07, 2000.

I would not post there if it was the last place on earth to talk.

-- FutureShock (gray@matter.think), July 07, 2000.


I'm with you,I'd rather talk to myself.

-- capnfun (, July 07, 2000.

Ill be damned FS, we may have found some common ground here. It IS the diversity that makes THIS forum great. Phil is not about to close this forumend of story!!!

-- Ra (tion@l.1), July 07, 2000.

"For those of you who want the EZ Board Website before this Forum closes."

That was a joke, right susie Q?

-- CD (, July 07, 2000.

Of course not. The folks over at EZ-Board would be delighted with our company. Just take a look at this thread in which our friend Dennis Olson says:

You are missing the point. When the Greenspun "New DeBunkie's House O' Trolls" shuts down, they're all gonna flood this place. After all, it IS the "last bastion" of the EEEEVIIIIL Ed Yourdon, and the psycho- bunkie's just can't resist.

So be ready for a flood of new "users" in rapid need of banning. And they'll KEEP COMING BACK as different "people". You heard it here first.

If that's not a warm welcome, I don't know what is. LOL.

-- (hmm@hmm.hmm), July 07, 2000.

My-My that Olson fellow is an arrogant one,his flood would probably turn into a drought.They wouldn't have to worry about banning me,I banished myself : )

-- capnfun (, July 07, 2000.

Shut down? yeah right, have they read our stats recently? Sure we are slower, but it is summertime....I'm w/the rest of ya's, I would'nt go there if it were the last place on the net.

As for ol Dennis, he can bite me.

----sumer @ work :-)

-- consumer (, July 07, 2000.

Sometime within the past 24 hours, a poster impersonating the moderator of this forum said that it would be shut down tonight at midnight. Of course there was apparently no means by which to confirm the validity of this proclamation so the reactions were knee-jerk at best.

The interesting aspects of this incident are the comments from many of the regulars. In my opinion, you should all carefully read the reactions to this false report and decide whom you will listen to in the future and who should not be believed. Of course the big question is: who was the BSer?

Being a student of history myself, I say to Andy Ray; keep it coming buddy. You seem to be one of the more truthful people on this discussion site and I only need to see who is angered by your input to identify the liars and fools.

-- Ra (tion@l.1), July 07, 2000.

There is nothing in me that has any interest at all in posting at EZ. As far as Dennis and his comments are concerned I'm with sumer - he can bite me too.

This board is alive and well and will remain so. The energy here is strong and good.

-- Debra (...@....), July 07, 2000.

Talk to those insane-but-not-locked-up bunch of dummies. I'd rather have a conversation with a washing machine.

-- gilda (, July 07, 2000.

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