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Posted a question in April about having trouble getting a mortgage. Thanks for the answer Lee. Have since discovered a wrongly filed CCJ - and that PLATFORM HOME LOANS who quoted us for an interest only mortgage at just above 9% two months ago have sent us an offer for a LIBOR-linked mortgage at nearly 11%. All because I inadvertently (on the advice of the broker) said I was self-employed prior to my current full-time employment. Had problems with one CCJ (satisfied) registered to my partner who is a self-employed courier, and (a new one on me) - the fact that we are living in my parents house, my parents having emigrated two years ago with my brother and paying almost no rent. Previously held a mortgage for 11 years no reposession but some arrears. With a 10% deposit we've been treated like second-class citizens. Credit cards and store cards obtained since, no overdraft and no children. We're now considering renting. 'Sub-prime' borrowers means sub-prime lenders and sub-prime treatment.

-- Alex Louis (, July 06, 2000

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