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The last party I attended was Beyond 11 in Charlotte. I planned it...saved money for it....and, hell, I even looked forward to it. A few of my favorite dj's (Ak, Diesel Boy, Jeffy...and my local favorite spinning his phat set of dnb...Kevin (aka Focus)..) were gonna be there. After a 4 hour drive and an extensive wait in the cold weather, to my dismay...THE PARTY SUCKED MY ASS!!!!!!!! The venue was WAY too packed...it was hot....and the staff was rude...not to mention the countless "fraver" assholes (fake ravers..or "frat" ravers)that plagued every inch of the dance floor...just standing there...not moving, to either get out of the way or dance...just there...ugh!!! Well, I put up with it for about...umm and hour or so...the music was good....the vibe sucked...the people sucked....the lack of space sucked....and I just felt awful. I got my money back, used it to get a hotel room, and went to SLEEP! After that I have been totally turned off to parties here in NC...or anywhere else for that matter. The scene has gone to SHIT, and these new patrons of the scene don't know crap about it. It's something "new" to them...a place to go after the bars close, where hoochies can try thier damninst to booty dance with frat boys and get upset when you step on thier toe through thier open toed platforms, to the wrong kind of music. Where 14 year old kids suck on thier lolipops and try to give me backrubs....ewww....oh, let me stop...you've all heard this a million times....the same rants and raves about the scene....who cares anymore??? In my opinion it will never be the same and the old school scene is lost forever....it's too mainstream...it's not fun for me anymore...oh well. I remeber my first party....it was in 94' ....I took to the scene quickly and enjoyed everything about it...I guess I'm just getting older, and the people are getting younger...things change...I guess I gotta deal with it..."sigh". Now I'm just rambling, so I will stop. I'm going to give it one more shot...On the 22nd I will attend Freedom...so all of you planning to attend...help me get back the Faith! Don't let me down...prove that the old scene isn't dead and there are still cool people out there that know what a party is supposed to be like! I guess I'll just have to see!

Love to all....even if YOU SUCK! Ben

-- Anonymous, July 06, 2000


Well arent u a nice little boy!! try going to more raves and see if they are better!! just chill they fuk out damn!!

-- Anonymous, July 06, 2000

I know how it goes. Myfirst party was in about 87 (a geriatric raver then..:-) then I moved to Australia for a while, and they had just got the vibe, so things stayed cool. Back in the UK a couple of years l8r and with the advent of the criminal justice act (count yerselves lucky over there b's and g's) the whole scene moved into clubland. That commercial nonsense led to superstar DJ culture, and increasing profit margins. Meaning more packed venues, and less consideration for the true spirit of the scene. REAL raves moved a long way underground (in fact they dissappeared from my life for a whie completely, held out in the open during the summer, or in warehouses in the urban areas (especially London). Mostly these are the best parties to be found, and a local night started in a nearby empty country house - these nights became legendary, but the only coverage from any mainstream media covering this sort of music was half a column inch when the night was busted. In the meantime, going to clubs to satisfy the thirst for music has become a pale comparison -you have to wear shoes and shit like that - We travelled an hour to Birmingham recently to go to a hard house night, only to be turned away because me shoes were brown, and not black. What sort of attitude is that fer chrissakes. Vote with your feet, and don't go to places like that - but keep the faith. If you truly love the scene, then you will realise that as you go to more raves, your tastes change, and it will be harder to find a perfect night (The effort in finding them is usually well rewarded though), you may find certain music turns you right off (DnB does that to me - but each to his own eh). The list of criteria gets longer too: Mine includes the quality of drugs (which I always test in the comfort of my own home before 'going-live'), the type of music, the mix (this happened becuase I started DJ'ing), the people, the attitude of security and the other people there, how packed the venue is, and the dress code. Sounds like a lot of things that can go wrong, which is wy I prefer to go to illegal raves - at least the security and general attitude of the people who go is more chilled. Then if the music isn't right up my street, it doesn't matter so much.

One last tin' - the best way to ensure you go o a night that is just right, is to do it yourself. Thats the true spirit. Besides, the mainstream exposure still has its uses but its not for me (or you by the sounds of it !!)

Good luck in your search.. 1st stop - learn to DJ !!!! it worked for me ! PLUR


-- Anonymous, September 05, 2000

This kinda pisses me off. If the vibe is so bad, instead of complaining about it, try to lift it.

I admit, in becoming more mainstream, the scene has opened itself up to a lot of new people, some more undesireable than others.

It is OUR duty to try to lift up the vibe and make the scene good again. If you are not doing anything to help, then you are a part of the problem.

Bitching about E-tards and 14 year old Booty-girls and Ghetto-Thugs gets nothing done.

Find a way to improve the vibe, and work it.

(I hope I don't come off like a beligerent ass here, It is just that the vibe takes equal amount of effort from EVERYONE. It's not just for you, or me, its for ALL)

-- Anonymous, December 17, 2000

I've been raving for a while and 3 things have been consistent since:

- Good Music - Godd People - The mother fuckers who haven't figured out how to have fun regardless of the space, cost, amount of people and there temporary high.



Any one with me ?

-- Anonymous, January 07, 2001

i think that you make things as good and bad as they will be. if you let people like that bother you then your right you wont have fun but i dont see how those people have fun i an enviorment were they dont belong. i think they will eventully weed them selfs out of the bunch but till then think about thoughing smaller raves..getting friends toghter to rent out some place we have done this its fun. call it the true ravers rave... :)

-- Anonymous, January 07, 2001

move to a smaller city.i live in boise idaho and the vibe down here is great.the people are very nice all of the time.ive met some of my best friends at raves and i dont care how crammed the venue is.its a rave not a library

-- Anonymous, January 08, 2001

I don't think it is about who you are or what you do or how packed the venue is or even what your age is. One word comes to mind when this subject is brought up. PLUR. Peace.Love.Unity.Respect. If you had a bad time, it is your fault. If you keep these words in mind, the VIBE would be miraculous.

-- Anonymous, January 29, 2001

Are any of you hurting, do any of you want to be free? Jesus loves you all so much!!

-- Anonymous, March 09, 2001

i have only rolled once and been to one rave. i am 23-kind of old for the scene. even though i wanted the true rave experience and i know the rave i went to was crappy, it was still awesome. i find it very interesting that everyone who's so into that PLUR scene seems to despise you if you don't walk that cool,expereienced line of old school raving. Maybe it should be PLURIYAELM peace. love unity. respect (if you are exactly like me). I think that it's pretty meaningless-just a phrase to describe a sensation from a drug unless it's backed up by your life. ..i can understand being frustrated, but come on.A:)

-- Anonymous, September 03, 2001

I would like to invite you guys to listen to a breakbeat written in three four time (3/4)


Thanks for listening ! Any feedback is very welcome

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2001

hmmmmmm...my first rave was in pittsburgh, last year. i was 15, and my 28 year old couzin, jessikah took me. it's not my fault i was 15, and you basically slammed an entire group of kids who can't help being born in 1984! i don't walk around,eyes bulging, brain fried, with a sucker hanging out of my face, standing in the middle of the floor, in a stupid hat, like i've seen a lot of older kids do. I know plenty of kids who are young and love to rave and arent anything like what you mentioned above. maybe insted of sitting around and griping about the kids, try and befriend one :) we may not be dinosaurs, but we can be cool too ya know.

-- Anonymous, November 16, 2001

dear ben I know just how you feel. I felt just like you back in 1995. everything goes mainstream... thats just life. It also means you're getting older.If you still feel the need to go out and dance try small clubs that offer the same music...hard to find i know.

-- Anonymous, January 09, 2002

PLUR. Peace.Love.Unity.Respect my ass... you obvious weren't there when the rave scene started (1987) or you would know the frustration.

-- Anonymous, January 09, 2002

Raves are often Crowded. It's the getting Close to people Close to stranger and loving them even though you never met them. Rave's Force us Get to know the person next to us. But you already know That. Let Them Give you back rubs. Just don't fuckem And you'll be cool Let Your Expierence Enlighten those who you think need it most. AS it is with Buddahism it is with Raves. After you have reached Pure enlightenment You Have 2 choices To go into the void of the univerese(Become A Grown up Grumpy Face: Lame Grown up get old and die alone) ==OR== Enlighten Others(Find Fravers makem ravers Teach them The way to rave And What it's all really about) That Is THE Greatest Form.

-- Anonymous, February 05, 2002

i totally agree the only thing we can do is stop contributing to these stupid club kids and stop going...they will get bored eventually, when they realize that the scene is composed of only of stupid wannabe ravers, they'll find it just as stupid as we do...then hopefully the scene will be back to the way it should be...leave it alone for a while...let it go back underground.

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2002

Hey, I think that yeah, raves are becomming main stream. But think about all the ravers out there that never even knew what they were. And now that more people know about them we can throw bigger, wilder raves. Sure some are just teen*e-boppers with glow stix. But we are the genuine thing. The life force. And no one can take that way. P*L*U*R* to all you's. **~*Sparkle~*~Spakle*~** PS-Britney Spears SUX, sorry, had to put that in some where.

-- Anonymous, August 16, 2002

Dont let the devil tell you what to do. you are Jesus and the devil cant take you away unless you are not saved. True Vibe is a christan music group that loves to help others. I use to blame god for everything. The freedom that you want is Jesus Christ. Not the devil you have to trust Jesus christ to be your savior He died for all of our sins, Michelle

-- Anonymous, February 27, 2003

Buddy you've got some fucken issues if you managed to go to sleep after a rave, what did you do go there sober? do some drugs get fucked up my friend! and the vibe will carry you to the right fucken spot where I'm fucken chillen because the music and vibe I set, controls me, drives me until I'm completly fucked by the base line and I've got to get the fuck out of ther and smoke a god dam BLUNT. the funny part is you could within a foot of me and not even no it! I'll be looken for the buzz killed guy, just take what I've got for you, don't ask any questions and enjoy your god damd self! peace out!

-- Anonymous, April 08, 2003

OK, you are all half witted morons. You can't even spell! Why don't you go back to school and learn how to spell. PLUR is about all you can spell correctly...oooops that's not a word, but it does stand for peace, love, unity, and respect only its not abbreviated-oops! To one who uses lamens terms, the word does not make sense! Take more ecstasy you morons!!!!!!!!yeah, I love you, PLUR, yeah it feels so good! OOhh! All of you can't get high on anything else because of the seratonin you've all depleted from your brains. You are all artificially high on products made in bath tubs filled with soap scum off of a fat loser (much like the majority of you) and ass hair..yum!!! Let's partake in sexual oriented rituals with complete strangers!!!!!!! OOhhh, that's smart.. let's spread AIDS. Hey! why don't you use AIDS as one of your phrases, it could mean "Artificially Induced Depletion of Seratonin!" Hurray!!!!

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2004

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