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I was wondering if anyone thinks that the writers might have Carter find his dream girl and get married in the next season. After all, Noah Wyle got married and sometimes I think the writers like to make his character grow up and mature at the same rate.

-- Beth (, July 06, 2000


As much as I'd like for Carter to get married at some point while Er is on the air, I hope they don't straddle him with a romance next season. I think he'd have a lot to deal with regd. his rehab, getting back in the swing of things, his guilt, his feelings, etc. to handle a romanting relationship. It can be quite stressful; that getting to know you phase. I probably wouldn't mind if they implant the seeds of a possible relationship sometime at the end of next season, where in Season 8 we can have all the lovely details, but I would prefer to have him single next season. Besides, Carter's a much more interesting person when he's not stupidly head over heels with a lover, I think.

-- samira (, July 06, 2000.

I hope they put Carter into a lasting relationship, but not with anyone presently on the show. I hate to encourage TPTB to introduce another new character, but I can't picture Carter matched with any of the current cast.

-- Beth (, July 06, 2000.

I want to see him happily married, but I'm kind of with Samira in that I wouldn't mind if the seeds were planted during season 7, and then have him get married in season 8. Like Beth, I couldn't see him with anyone on the show, really. I hope if they do have him get married - whenever that happens - that he marries a brunette. Nothing against blondes, so please don't flame me for that opinion. It just seems like it would be a signal of him changing into a new Carter after all his recent problems to go to a different look than he is used to.

-- Kristal (, July 07, 2000.

I definetly want to see Carter get married, but I don't think it will be next season. Although that would be pretty cool, if he got married on next year''s season finale...and he could give a speech llike Carol gave at her wedding in season 1. It could be kind of emotional and he could thank everyone for their support, including his wife, over the year and comment on how happy he is, only a year later. That'd be great. But I hope we see Carter married sometime (Doug and Carol will come), and with kids.

-- Elaine (, July 08, 2000.

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