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HI !

There is an interview with Noah Wyle at Thought that somebody might be interested in.

-- Stephanie (, July 06, 2000


Stephanie, can you please tell us what he said. My computer has no speakers. Thank you!

-- Andie (, July 06, 2000.

AWESOME INTERVIEW! thank you so much Stephanie! It was like 20 minutes, wasn't it? He talked about Pirates of Silicon Valley, the Maalox Hero Award thing, George Clooney, Eriq La Salle, Lucy stuff (I'm glad he was against a Lucy/Carter relationship), ER in general...etc. etc. He talked about A LOT and he sounded very intelligent and laid back. What a great this was probably June of last year, after season 5, before season 6. He's signed on through the 8th season, but I hope he renews his contract! Cuz ER's guaranteed through 2004!!!! It would be nice to close the show with a bunch of the original characters...

anyway, thanks stephanie, that was a treat!


-- Katie (, July 06, 2000.

Did he say anything about the departures of Kellie Martin or Juliaana Margulies? The date on the page was 6-7-00 so I thought it was this June it was done. Did he say if it's different without Kellie and Julianna?

-- Andie (, July 06, 2000.

That was very interesting- especially hearing him talk about how he hoped he would get an interesting story line "next season." (Which of course, was this past season.) Little did he know what Carter would have to go through. He didn't like the idea of a relationship w/ Lucy, either, and look at how that turned out.

By the way, one of Noah's favorite episodes, "Love's Labor Lost." Even the cast agrees with that one. I wonder if he thinks any differently now.


~Jessica~ :-)

PS- I also hope he renews his contract- the show needs Carter and Mark to keep it afloat in the last two seasons!

-- Jessica (, July 06, 2000.

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