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Please may I ask who Charles Twyford is, and why he replies to so many questions so pessimistically? When I stumbled onto this site I was in a right state, being pursued by Eversheds for money I just didn't have. I read Lee's site and within the space of afternoon I felt as though someone had lifted a huge weight from my shoulders. Now I read through the Q&A section and I'm stressed again by Charles' references to courts etc. and his general approach which seems somewhat at odds with Lee's. Are Charles' answers santioned by the web page? Charles! Are you just a natural pessimist, or do you know something we don't??? I'm a little confused. Best wishes, E.

-- Eleanor SCOTT (, July 06, 2000


Its TWFORD not TWYFORD-There is no difference in my answers like LEES only like your spelling one word or the small print can make a win or loose situation If you care to read my answers over the last few years-I try to bring a sense of Justice to this problem Quoting not only from text books but from -what i have witnessed Lees Webpage is excellent at the same time we cannot sadly put on rose coloured glasses on this subject-the facts are there every Question is a new problem and requires carefull thought and in many cases legal Guidance Perhaps if you had read over the last few years and not on the last few Questions but even these are based on the same but perhaps a little tougher answers I am so pleased to see that this has broughtreaction for only in fighting as one will we get the justice we all search for on this problem Wih you well in your own fight


Charles Twford

-- charles twford (, July 06, 2000.

Sorry for misspelling your name, Charles. No offence intended with my question, by the way, I just wanted to check that I wasn't giving myself false hopes! Yes, Lee's site is excellent, and I'm passing details on to a friend who'e being chased for #50,000 and whose wife is cracking up completely. If only the media would highlight the human misery these sharks are causing - but, as Lee says elsewhere, the press need to carry adverts from the big financial institutions... You're absolutely right, we all need to stick together. Thanks for your reply. E.

-- Eleanor Scott (, July 07, 2000.

No offence intended Eleanor,at least you are taking the the trouble to read the Questions and looking for Answers. The main Problem with the whole Repossession problem ,is that there are so many different areas to be covered in a case and each one tends to be slightly slanted to one specific Question each Lender Insurance Company ,Court varies. We see case after case on this Website also on the Web and in Newspapers -various amounts of agreements-from very small to figures that are like Alice In Wonderland ,against honest upright citizens who are put to years of suffering with no chance of parole! One Question i have asked is how much many are made to pay on shortfalls -Either Voluntary or by a Court Order ie The Maximum not the Minimum _like you mentioned your Friend with #50000-that sound about right and with interest added on! We can state how much we settle for like small sums but there are alot out there with Thousands against them-those are the human interest stories we need-lets seek them out and end this misery once and for all.


Charles Twford

-- charles twford (, July 07, 2000.

somewhat puzzled? when the orginal question was asked by Eleanor Scott re my down side or factual and my reference to Courts!!!! Now i see that today Tony Hayter is stating about going to Court- correct me if i am wrong-but is he not one of this new Shorfall Band headed by Eleanor Scott? So have gone full circle and realised that some cases have to go to Court!Perhaps we could clarify this or have any of the group not been to Court yet on there cases? This brings me back to my orginal line of answers,which were Questioned and as the New Human Right Law is in place as we keep being told although in Scotland i think it ws 98% was rejected last year in the courts(this was a figure Stated the other day on TV) correct me if i am wrong!The path of Justice in the Courts is not always as easy as made out! Should anyone not agree with me i am only stating from the orginal Question My Human right to reply with facts from one who has seen the System and fought in the Courts.

Charles Twford

-- charles twford (, October 03, 2000.

Hi Charles, As you have mentioned me in a posting, I feel only justified to reply.

This forum is intended for what should be the common goal of pooling knowledge to further justice.

On advice I intend going to court as I have documentary evidence of negligence by the Halifax, I wish that it could be the case for all mortgage shortfall victims.

I do rather take it as an insult to be referred to as a member of a "band" when it is included in the type of message yours obviously is i.e. Not helpful or constructive. Charles I do not know you and likewise you do not know me. By implication I have been included in a message where you are obviously trying to air some grievance that I am not familiar with. I would thank you not to do so again. I now consider this matter closed.


-- Tony Hayter (, October 03, 2000.

Thank you for replying so quick band was only reference to group but as this is an open forum and i replied to a Question you answered tonight and gave your name I see nothing wrong with that-If you care to read the Orginal Question By Eleanor i dont think that was very polite ,yet i did not take insult,i Have been on this site both as a researcher and helper since early 1998,and if you if you must throw stones look at the orginal wording of the orginal Question-Im suppose to take it-but it does not bother me . This is the very point im making in court you will have a lot more than this thrown at you and a Hope you are ready for it and no offence is made by that.

regards and good luck

Charles Twford

-- charles twford (, October 03, 2000.

Evening boys,can I join in on this? I too am a member of * the group * officially called Mortgage Shortfall Support Group, I have no comments to make on the original question but I will say that we have been to court 4 times in 3 years, it is unnerving and annoying especially when they can afford Barristers and you can't, but instead of nit-picking and trying to find fault with one-anothers opinions shouldn't we all try to support each other? We are doing the best we can, in the only way we know how, media coverage. please watch * Your Money * tomorrow ( Friday 6th ) sometime between 6am & 9am on BBC1, this has come about after some media coverage and a whole lot of hard work by the MSSG and help from Lee and his page. Lets not turn it into tit for tat eh! Jacky'n'Colin.

-- jacky jones (, October 05, 2000.

Totally agree with your comments,as I stated before,we must all work together. The only difference is you mentioned your times in court and both the Stress and unfairness re Barristors etc. That is what I had been implying in my orginal answers-it can be very tough out there.when in court etc One chap even sent me an email stating that I implied "Give up there,s no hope" and that it looked like as though I was giving in to to the Lenders. You hit the nail right on the head,we should all try to support each other. For the record our Shortfall since 1997 is 75000 with an Attachment of earnings on,thanks to a Duff Solicitor,The lender first came after us for we know what its like.

Good luck and best wishes

Charles Twford

-- charles twford (, October 05, 2000.

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