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Is anyone doing biographies of the characters? It might be useful for all those questions about when did character X do Y, and a good summer project. People could choose a character. A biography could start with the character's background (what we know about their family etc.) and then events that have happened in the series, not every episode but significant events (with episode title and season). The episode summaries would be useful, and there might be background info somewhere. Hopefully the site owner could find space for these bios. They would have to be updated occasionally. Anyone interested? Would this work, and what character would you like to write about?

-- Driad (, July 06, 2000


i would like to see something like that.

-- dawn (, July 06, 2000.

I'd like to do Carter or Elizabeth Corday or Mark!

-- Katie (, July 06, 2000.

I would love to do Carol I know she is gone but still

-- Patience (, July 07, 2000.

I would love to do Lucy. I know she's dead but still she was a great character as well as my favorite character.

-- Cammie (, July 07, 2000.

Glad to see that there is interest in writing biographies. Bios of characters that are still on the show and those that are no longer on the show would both be useful. I sent email to the site owner to see if a special area could be set up for the bios, but he has not yet replied.

For now, we could go ahead and write them, and post them here with the title "Biography: John Carter" or whoever. Be sure to check the "Characters" category so the message will be archived in the Characters section. Then if someone asks about a character we can point them there for the bio.

Dibs on Peter Benton!

-- Driad (, July 11, 2000.

Mike posted a message on looking for people to write profiles of the characters. Unfortunately his message is already gone from the news sites I tried, so I can't quote it, and I can't find it on this site.

Mike, if you see this, could you please put your message somewhere on this site? You'd probably get more volunteers that way. (I'm still willing to write about Benton, if he hasn't been claimed yet.)

-- Driad (, March 20, 2001.

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