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I recently purchased a Linhof Technika V and with the help of this forum and particularly Bob Salomon, I have established the correct configuration for the installation of my ground glass / fresnel combination. My camera is about 25 years old. I would be interested in replacing the fresnel / ground glass combination with a newer Linhof Super Screen if it were a significant improvement over what I have. Failing that, is there any benefit in simply replacing a 25 year old screen with a more current screen. The clips holding the fresnel in place seem to be spring loaded. Is it the intent to be able to quickly remove the fresnel for more convenient focusing? I've updated the lens and my thinking is that if I update the screen I will have a virtually current / like new camera. Any feedback will be welcome. Bob has been great. I just don't want to wear out my welcome.

Also, on page 25 of the Master Technika manual, it states that 'instructions for carrying out infinity adjustments are supplied with each lens purchased subsequently from Linhof'. Can anyone post or supply me with these instructions?

Does anyone know if the handstrap that comes with the Technika 2000 is available as a part for older Technikas?

-- William D. Lester (, July 06, 2000


We are happy to help you aand the starp should fit. Please call 800 735 4373 and we can answer the screen questions.

-- Bob Salomon (, July 06, 2000.

It's pretty easy to set the infinity stops. You need to find a location where you can see for at least a half mile, preferably a mile, with something at that distance on which you can focus. When you've focused, just slide the infinity stops back until they abut the front standard, tighten them with a small screw driver, and you're done. Of course most people use these stops only when they plan to focus with the rangefinder, and you've been asking about ground glass, which you obviously don't use with the rangefinder. So are you sure want/need the infinity stops? If you do, they can be purchased used for about $30 a pair from Classic Camera (formerly Clayton Classic Camera) and also from Midwest Photo Exchange.

-- Brian Ellis (, July 08, 2000.

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