But I don't vant to be alone...

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So, how do you deal with a lonely funk? Particularly when it's not something you feel all that often.

I'm not a drinker...so, that's not much of an option.

-- Jackie (jackie@mail.jackie.nu), July 05, 2000


As lame as it sounds, I go for walks or jogs for as long as I need to until I get tired of walking.. then by the time I get home I'm usualy too tuckered out to think about how lonley I feel!

I also don't really fight it much (the feeling of lonleyness) I'm not saying that I'll enjoy it, but for now I'm single, only having to worry about myself.. I'll just enjoy the fact I have peace and quiet around me and remind myself when I do feel lonley that I at least have one thing going for me: time to myself

-- Arthur (art_m@telusplanet.net), July 06, 2000.

If I'm feeling lonely, I get out of the house - FAST. I go to the library, go to the mall, or walk around the block. I'll rent lots of videos and eat chocolate. I'll sit outside in the back yard and fall asleep in the sunlight, while reading a great book. Loneliness is an opportunity to act like a teenager.....that means giving myself facials, super-conditioning my hair, writing "random acts of kindness" type notes. Washing the car. New arts & crafts projects, like watercolors, or stencils on the bedroom wall. I also go to places like the Salvation Army stores to find good used books, or other small treasures. And the ultimate place is to go to a greenhouse/nursery, and buy a small plant or two for the house.

-- Planet Earth (imagine@industrial-ideas.com), July 07, 2000.

I sit on my butt and act resentful. Because everyone should know how unhappy I am, and be calling to offer to lift my burden. But, seeing as how I've yet to include psychics in my circle of friends, the phone, it ain't a ringin'. And yes, I still resent it.

I'll leave the house and go to a bookstore, stay home with some groovy music and shake my ass, or watch a movie I've watched a million times already. If I'm feeling ambitious, starting some project always shakes me out of my mood and makes me feel productive instead of unhappy, worthless and lazy. Even if it's just organizing my desk.

It's a wild, wild life. Whooee.

-- Jen (maharishe@yahoo.com), July 11, 2000.

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