Where's Jerry?

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I was thinking that since noone knows where Jerry is that it would be fun to guess where he is. You use characters from the show to tell us where he could be. You can use people who have left the show like Susan. You can use people who have died on the show like Lucy. Be creative and have fun with this one.

-- Andie (no@no.com), July 05, 2000


Jerry ran away with Maggie to Las Vegas to get married. It turns out she's not gay after all.

-- Carter (Carter@i'mokay.com), July 05, 2000.

You can also use the new characters like Dave. That would be fun since he and the other new people din't know him.

-- Andie (no@no.com), July 05, 2000.

Now that I'm Jerry's official guardian angel, I can tell you that he's fine. He FINALLY moved out of his mother's house, and he's attending med school. I'm arranging it so that he doesn't wind up at County for his ER rotation, though. That place is dangerous.

He thought about becoming a vet and moving to Australia to work with kangaroos, but he changed his mind after hanging out at the zoo on a Saturday. Something about the smell.

Um, he didn't go off to Vegas to marry Maggie. Maggie's in Vermont marrying her girlfriend. Carter must have been high on fentanyl when he wrote that. Boy, was I enjoying torturing Carter, before I got my assignment as Jerry's angel.

I'm also happy to report that Jerry is still washing his hands after EVERY trip to the bathroom.

-- Lucy (i'mdead@nomorestabbings.com), July 06, 2000.

Jerry's in Hawaii! I love Jerry...sheesh

no, the truth is that Kerry is hiding Jerry in her apartment.

-- Katie (writegrl@aol.com), July 06, 2000.

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