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The Perfect Storm was number 1 this weekend making an estimated $64 million dollars! Way to go!

-- Cammie (, July 05, 2000


That's a lot of money - - but is no indication as to whether the movie's actually any good. is it? Any thumbs-up/thumbs-down commentary would be appreciated....I'm very wary of Wolfgang Peterson after "Air Force One" (ugghh!). Thanks -

-- Jenn (, July 05, 2000.

Well there was mixed reviews for it. When Star Wars came out last summer a bunch of critics said it wasn't that good. Those critics are now eating crow.

-- Cammie (, July 05, 2000.

I read in my local paper an article about how movies stray from book endings to make it more appealing for a film. It hinted that that might be the case with The Perfect Storm. Anyone know if it stays true to Sebastian Junger's fabulous book?!

-- amanda (, July 05, 2000.

I haven't read the book, but a friend of mine who has saw the movie over the weekend and said the movie was very true to the book.

Also, I haven't read one bad review about this movie. I've heard nothing but good things. And Jenn, "Air Force One" was a GREAT movie! (Of course to me Harrison Ford could stand around and read the Bible and I'd love it ;~)

-- AmyE (, July 05, 2000.

Okay, here's my take on movie reviews: You either have a reviewer who's just out to show how much s/he knows about film making (ie: plot, script, editing, academy award winning acting) and will lambast every single movie out there just to prove that they know what a movie "should" be versus what it is. And then there's the other review: the one you most often won't see in print. The one that tells you whether or not you were entertained. That's the average "Joe" review that I trust. Frankly, I have rarely seen a genuinely "bad" movie, because I know what I'm getting in to based on previews. Whether it be action, romance, drama, or whatever. And, I was entertained by The Perfect Storm. I found it to have a plausable story (obviously, it really happened), decent action, awesome fx, and lots of George Clooney -- which I went to see. Thank you, I'll get off my soap box now... Cat:)

-- Cathy (, July 06, 2000.

Cathy's note reminds me of when Spider Robinson was asked to review books for a science fiction magazine. He said he was willing to be a reviewer but not a critic, that a critic tells you whether it's Art but a reviewer tells you whether it's a good read.

-- Driad (, July 06, 2000.

The jury is still out as to whether I'll see THE PERFECT STORM myself. I chose to see THE PATRIOT last weekend instead; it's an excellent movie. As for the STAR WARS movie that came out in 1999, I saw it. The critics who panned it were right. The movie making a ton of money didn't make them wrong with regards to poor editing, writing, storyline, etc. And, BTW, I love sci-fi and STAR WARS. When I read a movie review I watch for things I'd like or not like. The perfect example of a movie the critics loved that I hated was A FISH CALLED WANDA. After I saw it I realized that the things mentioned in the review as funny were not and I should have known that when I read the review.

-- Diana (, July 06, 2000.

I'm sure I'll end up seeing this flick (they're sure to need my 8 bucks) (ha ha); I hadn't considered this before, but its true that movies based on books usually contain a bit more deptj/ better dialogue/ plot - - more dependence on a story that a cinematic schick tricks.

And Amy, you're right - I could watch Harrison Ford read bathroom graffiti or tax stubs and be pretty entertained (hell - he could just sit there and blink...) - I think its the quasi-Cold War baaaaad Russians/ baaaad Russian accents/ our Prez is a really a kick-boxer action thing etc. thing that made my eyes roll during that flick. Hard to replicate that in a fishing boat/ weather movie.

-- Jenn (, July 06, 2000.

But remember, Wolfgang Peterson also directed "Das Boot (The Boat)", which was *MAGNIFICENT* as I recall(if a little depressing)

I have actually heard/seen some bad reviews of this movie, saying it was a little light on characterization, was boring, too long, etc. From what I understand from skimming the book, (I haven't seen the movie--YET!) the book was not so much about the people caught in the storm, but rather about the storm itself. In the book, the main character was THE STORM, and the people were used to describe what the storm did. What happened on the Andrea Gail in the movie was all speculation, because, well, gather your own conclusions. But this plotline was necessary as a dramatic device to get you to care about what happened to the characters, because that's what a movie does. If the movie had been totally faithful to the book, the movie would have been a documentary.

-- S. Trelles (, July 06, 2000.

Per ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, GC wasn't the first choice for the movie...nor the second! Peterson's second choice was Mel Gibson, behind Nicholas Cage. Just thought you might find that interesting.

-- Diana (, July 06, 2000.

George readily discusses/expects this. He's stated many times that "a few guys have to turn down a film" and then they get around to asking to him, as he's further down on the totem pole.

What I'm impressed with is that he's making good choices and is realistic about his role in Hollywood. I watched an interview sent to me by a friend in England the other day, and he laughs when the reviewer asks if he's a "movie star." He adamantly disagrees and states that Gibson, Eastwood, and Cruise are "movie stars" and he himself may never be.

-- Phyl (, July 07, 2000.

There is an interesting interview with George Clooney on

It talks about the Perfect Storm and also the difference of being a movie star(like Mel Gibson) and being known for TV work. Thought some of you might be interested!

-- amanda (, July 07, 2000.

I hate to have to say it (especially since it's a tragic true story), but I saw THE PERFECT STORM this afternoon and I wish I hadn't. I can see why N. Cage and M. Gibson passed on it. Of course, that's my opinion and I recognize that other people can have theirs too. I'll probably see THE PATRIOT again next weekend like I almost did today.

-- Diana (, July 08, 2000.

Well I saw THe Perfect Storm this weekend at the drive in and thought it was amazing...and not just because GC was in it, although that's what got me there! I personally thought the effects were great, they really affected me, it was even better than Titanic (and I was VERY impressed w/ that movie too). I think GC can pull off a rugged, hot tempered fisherman better than Nicolas Cage and definitely Mel Gibson could, although I like them both reasonably too. I do admire Clooney's honestly about his stardom...he said in some article that he was working on producing some sort of epic movie with Bruce Willis...that he wanted to star in it himself, but he thought he couldn't pull off the "greek god-toga" look like Bruce Willis could, because people still can't get the TV image of him out of their heads. I also admire that he doesn't do movies just to gain adoring fans...he works in movies with Fail Safe, The Thin Red Line, Three Kings, and THe Perfect Storm...he was the captain but the whole movie did not focus on him.

As far as the true tragic storyline, the families were very informative with them about it, and most of the actors/actresses, esp. Clooney, sat and talked to them about their stories.

-- Elaine (, July 12, 2000.

I meant to finish that...I think that since it was true, it was important for them to make a connection with the town and the people, to put them at ease and comfortable about making the movie.

-- Elaine (, July 12, 2000.

When a movie is heavily hyped, when it draws lots of crowds and millions upon millions of dollars--I seldom end up seeing it. The hype turns me off. I haven't seen The Perfect Storm, and I probably won't until long after it appears on video. And maybe not even then. It just irks me when there is so much oohing and aahing over a movie. I didn't see Titanic. Not at all. Ever. I didn't see the Star Wars Episode One movie until my husband brought home the video last month. (And I hated it. Too much computer-generated stuff, not enough real actors. I'd rather have a good actor in a rubber mask than a horde of soulless, computer-generated critters. Sorry.)

I guess I'm just very skeptical of movies that are hyped up just because a certain person stars in it, or a certain person has made all the special effect, or it's an "epic love story" or something. I know I'm probably missing out on some good cinema, but like I said-- excessive hype irks me. There is not one star I can think of that I'm so obsessed with, that I would go see them no matter what they were in. (Not even Noah, and I do love my Carter!) It has to seem interesting for a better reason than who's in it.

-- Cecelia (, July 13, 2000.

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