Has anyone tried the new Canon GL1

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I'm curious to find out impressions of Canon's new GL1 digital camcorder. I live in Europe (where the camera is known as the "XM1") and am weighing whether to purchase this new camcorder or to buy the standard XL1. I'm a relative newcomer to the field and am looking for the right balance of price, features, good audio and ease of use. I had considered the Elura plus the docking unit (to allow an external mic), but apparently this camera is no longer sold in Europe. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Mark Baker.

-- Mark Baker (Bakerm@rferl.org), July 05, 2000


You will find our full hands-on review of the GL1 at http:// dirckhalstead.org/issue9910/cameracorner.htm

-- dirck halstead (dirck.halstead@pressroom.com), July 05, 2000.

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