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While listening to a local talk-show host this morning, I heard this audio dissertation about how The Star Spangled Banner came to be. We all know Francis Scott Keye wrote it during the British attack on Fort Henry, but there is more to it than that. It is a teary listen at the very least, as well as stirring patriotic tribute. I urge you to listen to it. Here's the web-site: Scroll down to the bottom and click on "The National Anthem" to download an mp3 file.

-- dave (IA) (, July 04, 2000


Dave, Good call here. Really enjoyed hearing this. Thanks. I have learned alot of really good info this year about our heritage and founders. Seems to be an abundence of patriotic historical things out there right now. Do you get a sense that maybe there is a change in the air? It seems that patriotism is on the rise. People don't laugh or give me that "look" like they have if I start talking about things of this nature. Maybe it's wishful thinking. John

-- john (, July 07, 2000.

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