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Kritter keeps complaining that she's the only one to start new posts... and I like to write haiku. So this thread is my place to do a haiku-a-day. Any other haiku afficiandos are welcome to join in. Fans and comments always welcome, and Robert, I have a special supply of hankies just for you :-)


Fun and games abound

You are welcome to play here

Statements all in form.


If you don't know how

Count your syllables like this :

Five, seven and five


-- Tricia the Canuck (, July 04, 2000


I'll join in the fun,

Bearer of the Fruicake Cross,

you can count on me!


Long live FRLian poetry! Long Live the FRL!

-- Rob Michaels (, July 05, 2000.

Rain, rain and more rain

I'm glad it's not flooding here

Ev'rything's so green!


Life is wonderful

I sleep and sleep through the nights

What a luxury!

-- Tricia the Canuck (, July 06, 2000.

Hello, dear Tricia!
Going on a holiday?
Where all will you go?

-- Gayla (, July 06, 2000.

Dear and Loyal One,

the Flood was a long time 'go,

sleep well and stay dry.

-- (, July 06, 2000.

Laying on the beach
Kids come running by playing
Kick sand in my face

Digging on the beach
Kids come running by playing
They fall in the pit

Laying on the beach
Ignore the muffled kid screams
They can't kick sand now

-- Haiku 2 U 2 (I'm_Kidding@don't.panic), July 08, 2000.

Northwest winds blowing

puffy clouds across the sky

seven straight days now.

-- (, July 11, 2000.

moles in the lawn are testing the limits of my nonviolent ways

-- (sis@home.zzx), July 12, 2000.

Home safe from our trip

We went to Saskatchewan

Fam'ly reunion.


Prairie skies glowing

Brilliant blue with cotton puffs

Bright white, black bottomed.


Prairie fields shine

Green/yellow checker boards;

Canola ripens.

-- Tricia the Canuck (, July 12, 2000.

Which person at your family reunion was Black Bottomed?

-- kritter (, July 13, 2000.

cat sleeps on my sleeve

i do not want to cut it

guess i'll just sleep, too

-- mebs (, July 14, 2000.

Aww, that was cute Mebs!

-- kritt (, July 14, 2000.

Rain is on the way,

Saturday and Sunday too,

the garden needs it!

-- (, July 14, 2000.

Packing and moving
I've lived here for 19 years...
This feels really strange!

Lots of memories
I'm feeling sentimental
Time to start over.

-- Gayla (, July 15, 2000.

Rainy weekend now

Does that mean fishing is out?

Will Rob visit more?


Gayla needs a hug

Here is one just for you, ((((dear))))

Packing is hard work!


Moving, uprooting

It can be scary and hard

All my best to you!


I'm grateful for Mom!

She taught appreciation

Beauty's everywhere :-)


-- Tricia the Canuck (, July 15, 2000.

Packing *IS* hard work!

New lives starting, everywhere!

Happiness to all!

-- Brooke (, July 15, 2000.

Talented people

Write haiku very well here

Thanks to everyone!

-- Tricia the Canuck (, July 16, 2000.

Fresh, clean, smell of rain,

Storms and Sunshine alternate,

Garden plants revived.

-- (, July 16, 2000.

Memories appear.

Called into life by a scent;

My childhood returns.


Teresa, my friend

Health, wealth and wisdom are yours

If my hopes are true.


-- Tricia the Canuck (, July 18, 2000.

4:30 a.m.

Wide awake and watching sun rise

Love those summer days!!!


Edmonton is hot

In Texas, must be stifling

I like it here, now :-)


Tree lined boulevards

Shady, green and beautiful

I just love summer!


-- Tricia the Canuck (, July 20, 2000.

Now in the chat room

None of my friends are there, though

Makes me very blue :-(

-- Tricia the Canuck (, July 20, 2000.

work, work, work, work, work
when the whistle blows at night
yabba dabba doo!

-- Tim (, July 21, 2000.

Laughing at Tim's post

Visualizing him sing

He looks just like Fred! :-)

-- Tricia the Canuck (, July 22, 2000.

Back to normal soon,

after two real busy weeks,

hope to be here more!

-- (, July 22, 2000.

Rob is coming back!!

Does this mean it's story time?

I can hardly wait!

-- Tricia the Canuck (, July 22, 2000.

In Missouri now
Seems like a really nice place.
Think I'll like it here!

School starts in 5 weeks
Thank you (((Tricia))) for the hug
I feel better now. :-)

-- Gayla (, July 23, 2000.

Last night thunder sounds

again today, with lightning

All green things refreshed

Pint jars of raspberries

Jewel red and sweet will come to stay

On my shelf, so pretty!

-- (sis@home.zzz), July 23, 2000.

I peel fritty good,

juz hadd a jolt of jigggle,

ha ha ha hicpu!

-- (zzzzz@zzz.zzz), July 23, 2000.

OOooops, Marie missed some!

Robbie's having fun again

Jiggle juice parrrrteeeeeeee!


So glad for Gayla!

Summer is a good time to

Move to cooler climes :-)


Best wishes, Gayla

As you start your studies there,

Have fun and do well! :-)


Sis writes very well

As she describes her kitchen,

Makes my mouth water!


Here I am again

Cyber-talking to my friends

They cyber-listen ;-)


The lazy river

Winds through the downtown's center

Park and paths abound.


It's "Red Willow Park"

But the willow trees are rare

Lots of birch here, though!


Lovely summer walks

Rambling along peaceful paths

Along the riverside


-- Tricia the Canuck (, July 24, 2000.

Writing myself still

Come on you can do this, too

Five, seven and five.


Wierd and wonderful

Clouds in such odd formations

Rainy sunshine glows.


-- Tricia the Canuck (, July 25, 2000.

Five syllables eh?

Ummm, can I buy a vowel

gabba gabba hey.

-- number six (, July 25, 2000.

First light of morning,

Can opener shrieks, and calls

A parade of cats

---------------------------------------------------------------------- -

-- Lon Frank (, July 25, 2000.

OK, Trish, here goes. . .

I should be writing E-mails

Instead of haiku!


July almost o'er??

Time flies when you're having fun!

Gotta pack some more!


My little big man

Child with golden hair and soul

Nannie loves you, always

-- Brooke (, July 25, 2000.

Here I sit, sweating

I know you'd think it's cool

But it's HOT to me!


Bright blue morning sky

Cool breeze feels so wonderful!

And the trees smell *good*!


-- Tricia the Canuck (, July 27, 2000.

One mole down now

how many more left now?

I hope not many.


-- (sis@themolefarm.zzz), July 28, 2000.

Reading feeds the mind

I wonder what is the fruit

And what are the chips...

-- Tricia the Canuck (, July 28, 2000.

At the Jersey Shore,

fishing in the surf today,

lots of small bluefish :)

-- (sonofdust@the.beach), July 29, 2000.

Do bluefish taste good?

What's the draw of surf fishing?

I've never done that :-)

-- Tricia the Canuck (, July 29, 2000.

Tricia: Remember that old "Pleasant Company" thread? All of that was written from experience while surf fishing! It is wonderful, besides the catching fish part (you never know what kind you'll get either and that adds to the excitement!)

Blues are good to eat,

keep them cool and clean them quick,

you'll have a good meal.

-- (, July 31, 2000.


I distinctly remember your "Pleasant Company' thread. It was great. If you or anyone else can put up a link, I'd like to see it again.


Hot rain fell today

Hissing through dusty leaves

Frog concert tonight


-- Lon Frank (, July 31, 2000.

Well, I had a beautifully crafted answer, and the cyber-gnomes ate it...

No link, but the URL is :

Enjoy Pleasant Company again, I did :-)

-- Tricia the Canuck (, August 01, 2000.

Here is a link just for YOU, Lon! :-)


In Houston right now
Lon is right about the rain
We needed it so!

-- Gayla (, August 01, 2000.

Gayla, ma sha!!!

Thanks so much. I enjoyed Rob's thread (and the memories) all over again this morning.

And Trish, I know, I know. I messed up the haiku. I really have a hard time counting to seven.


-- Lon Frank (, August 01, 2000.

Canadian geese

Float gracefully on the pond;

Goslings in a row :-)


Hmmm, they haven't had any geese in The Story yet, suppose some'll show up in the past?


-- Tricia the Canuck (, August 01, 2000.

Geese in the story?

Why didn't I think of that!

OK, You Got it!!!! :)

-- (, August 01, 2000.

Calling Linkmeister

Anyone know where he/she is?

We need his skills here!


Gayla's skills work too

But she's busy with her move

(Thank-you for your help)

-- Tricia the Canuck (, August 01, 2000.

Gayla is moving,

Does she need a landscraper?

Will Rob 'moe' the lawn?


The sequel is done,

now it's time to write haikus,


-- (, August 03, 2000.

Back to Missouri
Rob has a good memory!
Gayla is smiling. :-)

-- Gayla (, August 04, 2000.

I never dreamed it

But still I can imagine

Rob in bright red socks :-)


Gayla's in Missour'

I hope it's much cooler there;

Houston's way too hot!


Summer here's so good

Everything grows green and lush

Beauty all around!


Legislature grounds

Trees, grass and flowers abound

For bridal background :-)


-- Tricia the Canuck (, August 04, 2000.

It's a long weekend?

It feels pretty short to me

Over all too soon!

-- Tricia the Canuck (, August 07, 2000.

Happy birthday, Lon

One day early, I need time

to send best wishes!

-- Tricia the Canuck (, August 07, 2000.

Hello, Grass growing high
Reaching skywards yesterday
Meet my new mower!

I know you felt free
It was fun while it lasted
Glad to see you go!

-- kritter (, August 08, 2000.

Happy birthday, Lon!

Did you get my best wishes?

I sent them to you!


Raise a glass up of

Cousin Iggy's Jiggle Juice

A toast to Lon's health!


-- Tricia the Canuck (, August 08, 2000.

It's been a wild ride!

But FRL's resurrected now!

Joyful, happy news!!!

-- Tricia the Canuck (, August 20, 2000.

Five hundred boxes

still lurking in my garage!

Wonder what's in them?

Is it stuff I need?

Things I couldn't live without?!

It's garage sale time!!

Moving is a pain

but what a way to pare down!

Now to buy new stuff!

-- Linda new tenant of 50 year old home (, August 22, 2000.

Linda! It's so nice!

Whenever you drop by here

I love to see you!

-- Tricia the Canuck (, August 23, 2000.

Yes, it's me all right!

From under piles of boxes

wanna help unpack?

Been missing you all

Many things take precedence

School, moving, friends...(not that you all aren't friends!)

Grand celebration

hubby's 45 today

Half his life is left

Spending it with me

Will it seem shorter? Longer?

He will say "better!"

-- Linda (, August 23, 2000.

He will if he knows

Which side his bread is buttered

or has half a brain!


If I were closer

I'd help you unpack for sure!

Cost you a coffee ;-)


-- Tricia the Canuck (, August 23, 2000.

The home stretch in sight!

Down to ten days and counting

Contentment is near

. . . . . . . . .

The end of August?!?

Most memorable summer!

Life's sweet surprises

-- Brooke (, August 30, 2000.

Resurrected thread,

FRLian Haikus,

happy memories.

-- (sonofdust@daily.bump), July 27, 2003.

happy memories
slip on like favorite shoes
all warm and huggy

: )

-- mebs (all@kicked.back), July 30, 2003.

All warm and huggy,

are my really bright Red socks,

small things can comfort.

-- (sonofdust@huggy.huggy), July 30, 2003.

The Mule sees Rob's socks Lurking, plotting, their capture Waits for Rob to sleep.

-- helen (watch@out.rob!), July 30, 2003.

An updated thread:
Helen's new poemetry
Had no line return............

-- Robert & Jean Cook (RobertCook@GA.herewith Lon), July 31, 2003.

Rob is sleepless now,

one eye watching for the Mule,

the other eye winks.

-- (, August 01, 2003.





-- (sonofdust@ZZZ.zzz), August 02, 2003.

Hmmm. Must have dozed off.

(Looks down to see two red socks)

Whew! They are still there! ;-)

-- (sonofdust@still.there), August 03, 2003.

carriage return, huh?

but no one told me before

I am embarrassed.

-- helen (very@low.koo), August 03, 2003.

We have a supermarket here in Joisey (in Toms River) and it has a carriage return! You have to put a quarter in the shopping carriage lock-slot to get the carriage unlocked, and then when you're done shopping you return/re-lock the cart and then get your quarter back.

So carriage returns are nothing to be embareassed about.

Hope you feel better now.

-- (sonofdust@carriage.return), August 03, 2003.

Months fly by quickly

Holidays soon will be here

Am I getting old?


-- Gayla (, August 04, 2003.

carriage return, HA!
that's weird but there is weirder
will have a pic soon

; )

-- mebs (taunting@nd.teasing), August 05, 2003.

just noticed helen's very@low.koo sig

-- mebs (haha@haha.haha), August 05, 2003.

Mebs counted wierd
With only one sylable....
Add carriage return!

-- Robert & Jean Cook (RobertCook@hachuuuuu.sneeze), August 05, 2003.

Was that the real mebs?

I see Upper case letters!

It's a mebs-Poster!

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dear, Gayla, Gayla,

Are we all getting older?

Yes, but together ;-)

-- (sonofdust@mebs.impersonator), August 05, 2003.

Hammock in the yard,

Hot dogs, lemonaide, and shade.

Dog days of summer!

-- Lon (, August 05, 2003.

Lon is back woo hoo

woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo woo

hoo woo hoo woo hoo

-- helen (woo@hoo.KOO), August 05, 2003.

Summer Thunderstorms,

rumble thru here ev'ry day,

Steel-gray clouds race by.

-- (sonofdust@thunder.storms), August 06, 2003.

snowy clouds adrift

on a sky of emerald green

egrets in mown grass

-- Lon (, August 06, 2003.

Dreaming of mountains

Soft breeze whistling through the pines

City living sucks!

-- Gayla (, August 06, 2003.

The Lake is covered...

Algae floats on the surface,

swept by summer's breeze.

-- (sonofdust@green .Lake), August 06, 2003.

Thundering night's storm

Nature's wild temper tantrum

Calms to soft hued dawn.


Clear bright summer sky

Wonderful warmth with soft breeze

Buzzing bees bring honey.

-- Tricia Canuck (, August 07, 2003.

Splattering rain drops,

wipe-open mouth, head skyward,


-- (sonofdust@still.wet), August 08, 2003.

Happy Birthday Lon!

You are one year older now.

Neener neener koo!

-- helen (happy@birthday.koo), August 08, 2003.

Lon is a Leo,

The Lion likes center stage,

Friendly, humorous.

-- (sonofdust@happy.birthdayLON!), August 08, 2003.

Cold and frosty nights

Bringing wood in for the fire

Jonquils whisper "Spring"

-- Carol (out@of, August 09, 2003.

One foot in the grave

Other on banana peel

Another birthday!


(Thanks, Helen, and check your email)

-- Lon (, August 10, 2003.


My isp periodically refuses to recognize my mail server password, and it might be a day or two before I can GET my email ... but I will faithfully keep checking every thirty seconds or so! :)

-- helen (, August 10, 2003.

How old are you Lon?

A birthday is better than

The alternative.


Hope it was happy!

-- Gayla (, August 10, 2003.

Younger than the clouds,

even younger than the sea;

I's just oldern dirt!


I swear, it's magic.

To women under fifty,

I'm invisible!


A sweet young girl might

still caress my scrawny neck

(just to find a pulse)

-- Lon (, August 10, 2003.

ROTFL @ Lon!

-- Gayla (, August 11, 2003.

Love that gif, Gayla ;-)

You always find the best ones!

-- (, August 11, 2003.

A belated happy birthday to you Lon! Maybe a little fudge to make up for my tardiness? What's your preference: walnuts, pecans, macadamia, almonds???

-- Aunt Bee (, August 12, 2003.

Aunt Bee, now, you know I'm a Texas boy! When I was a little kid, we had 8 large pecan trees on our place, and we always picked up the nuts in big burlap feed sacks to make money for Christmas. One year, we had a particularly good crop, and I got TEN dollars! I was so rich, I even got my brother a present.

Anyway, those huge limbs were our clubhouse, pirate ship, space ship, our private retreat on summer nights, and I still have a great affinity for an old pecan tree. I remember my dad cooking exactly two things in his life - B B Q chicken, and pecan fudge. The fudge was the old kind made with cocao and butter and lots of sugar. When it cooled, it was hard and shiney, and soooo sweet. I still remember how the smell filled the whole house.

My mom always cooked pecan pies for Christmas; it was her speciality. She wasn't really a very good cook, but I loved her pecan pie. Once, when I was grown and married, she came to visit, and decided to make me a pecan pie for a special treat. But, we had no Kayro syrup, and the only thing close was a bottle of blackstrap mollasses! It took me a whole month, but I ate every bite of that pie (in little pieces!)

So, I guess pecan will do me just fine. (and thanks for calling up those memories)

-- Lon (, August 12, 2003.

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