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The YOURDON Report is now free, & available online

Some of you may remember a thread that got posted about 5 weeks ago, in which I announced that I was starting the publication of a subscription-based, weekly e-zine called The YOURDON Report. Vern responded, in his usual cheerful fashion, that it appeared to be another unworthy money-grubbing excercise, similar to what he believed I had been up to during the Y2K period.

Well, without re-hashing the Y2K phenomenon (remember Y2K? no? well, it was ... oh, forget it ... actually, everyone already has forgotten it), and without denying the fact that I occasionally find it useful to generate enough income to pay the rent and engage in the some of the milder pleasures of our corrupt, decadent society ... it does turn out that Vern was right in one of the arguments he made: people do want to find useful information on the Internet, but they vastly prefer to get it for free.

So, I've accepted what appears to be the inevitable outcome, and have decided to make my little publication available at no cost. I figure that if the New York Times can figure out how to make a profit by making their newspaper available on-line (in contrast to the Wall Street Journal), then I can probably figure it out, too.

Anyway, you're invited to browse through the first five issues, available on my web site at Link in either HTML or PDF format. And you can send an email to to get each week's issue emailed to you automatically.

Okay, Vern, the score now stands at "one" for your team, and "zero" for my team.... and thanks for the advice!


-- News Man (, July 04, 2000


Sorry, fingers must have slipped! Link

-- News Man (, July 04, 2000.

TYR is pitiful. There are few words that apply to such an effort. Even AOL newbies are past the stage he seems to be writing for.

File under : "While trying to "keep his name in circulation", a middle aged man with Mid life crisis and angst, discovers the net and explores for a new profit center to pay the bills rather than touch his retirement funds".

Yore-Toasted better have another "marketing plan" for TYR. I suggest he pay people to read it or if he wants to get off cheap, hold a sweeps ala: . Meanwhile his "breathless reporting" on the Joys of the Net in Poland resemble something that "net discovery" writers threw on the Net for zippo in late 1995-1996.

-- cpr (, July 04, 2000.

I'm rather sure creeper...That your name has made just about all four walls of the out house.

What Price Fame!

Old kooky

-- kooky (kooky@the.wall), July 04, 2000.

Don't mind creeper, he loves to see his name all over the floor, that way he can get stepped on and pissed on at the same time... what a guy !!!!!1

-- Netghost (ng@no.yr), July 04, 2000.

Actually, Ed's writing is pretty good. Certainly, if I were a near illiterate who typically rants unintelligibly in ALL CAPS, I wouldn't be criticizing someone who can actually write readable sentences and paragraphs. But maybe that's just me.

-- Steve Heller (, July 04, 2000.

Uncle Creepy the jockstrap sniffer spent all day today on the internet SCREAMING at unknown people he hates. If you all would only renounce your doomer ways and acknowlege his deity, you, too, could be a picture of mental health...just like Uncle Creepy.

-- (, July 05, 2000.

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