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Can anyone tell me the name of the music which was playing in the background during 'All in the family' when the doctors and nurses were sitting in Doc. Magoos? I heard it a couple of days ago and i immediately felt my stomach lurch at the thought of 'AITF'! Does anyone else have a song which they always connect with ER? There are some songs which make me cry sometimes just by hearing them because i'm reminded of a TV program! Thanx.

-- Vicki (ms_peachy_pie@hotmail.com), July 04, 2000


Songs? Oh yeah. Any Sky 1 viewers in the UK or Ireland will probably remember the song used on the advert for The Storm. It was With or Without You by U2 and even now when i hear it, it makes me weepy. on the ad for Responsible Parties (that was the eppy where Carol told Doug she was pregnant right?) they used the song Strong by Robbie Williams which was another killer. though the list of songs is really endless these are the two that get me the most.

-- Lara Aine (survivingseattle@hotmail.com), July 04, 2000.

For me the song I'll always connect with ER is Don Henley's 'Taking you home'. The song's so beautiful and the lyrics fit so well to Doug & Carol. Plus, it'll always remind me that now I don't have to bother anymore whether the writers will finally do the right thing... There's also another song on my mind that I keep remembering (actually it's not a song, it's more a certain theme they used), it's the music that played at the very beginning of 'The Storm, Part One' when Doug's sleeping on the sofa and Carol comes to wake him up. It was so intense and you could already tell that something really bad was going to happen. Sorry, that was kinda long, but I felt like saying it.

-- Anne (annebercher@gmx.de), July 04, 2000.

The song in Doc Magoo's in AITF was Samba Pa Ti by Santana.

-- Lindsay (SoccerGl31@aol.com), July 04, 2000.

Definately Don Henley's "Taking You Home". Yesterday I heard that song that plays at the beginning of "AITF" when Kerry walks in and tells them to turn it down. I definately thought of "AITF". Just one more, that Simon and Garfunkel song "Bookends" or whatever it is that played when Mark and David were watching those family slides, and again when they are in the boat.

-- Kristal (teetle1@juno.com), July 04, 2000.

I always think of Taking you Home when I here it...I've only heard them play it a few times where I live but I have the CD.

Also, Samba Pa Ti also plays at the end of Day for Knight, when Lucy leaves Jerry's party to go check on her first patient. Kind of ironic huh? But I guess they probably did that on purpose. It's a very mellow song.

-- Elaine (mrsclooney78@hotmail.com), July 04, 2000.

The one song I always remember is "Good Riddence" by Green Day, that they played during the storyline with Scotty. I love that song for a lot of reasons, but that is the main one. I also think of ER when I hear "Taking You Home".

-- Jenna (Iluvgymnastics10@hotmail.com), July 05, 2000.

I always think of ER when I hear 'Taking You Home' and 'Letting The Cables Sleep', they were in SSS. Another song that reminds me of ER, is the one Jeannie and Scotty sang by Green Day. Anytime I hear those songs the first thing I think of is ER. The song by Green Day makes me sad but then 'Taking You Home' makes me happy.

-- soph (ickle_socks@yahoo.com), July 06, 2000.

I think of ER whenever I hear Letting the Cables Sleep and Taking You Home. And I bought the Battleflag single, so that too. And at one point, someone on this board said that Crash and Burn by Savage Garden could be a theme song for Carter and now I think of him whenever I hear that song!

-- Joanne (bucklind@hotmail.com), July 06, 2000.

I have another question: What was the song that was playing during the Storm Part one when Carter and Lucy are.....well, you know. :)

-- Kimmy (swiss_cheesed1953@yahoo.com), July 10, 2000.

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