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I want to dilute Rodinol at 1:150 for tech pan. Can I use just 3 ml. concentrate to process a roll of 35 mm?

Thanks in advance, Michael.

-- Michael Haas (, July 04, 2000


This is probably a terrible answer, but I always take the safe approach with minimum stock. I use 40oz water+developer per roll of 35mm if I use anything 1:100 or over with Rodinal (double my normal 20oz).

-- shawn (, July 04, 2000.

I regularly use Rodinal 1:200 (2.5ml Rodinal / 0.5l water) for TechPan. I measure out 2.5ml of Rodinal using a medical syringe, and dump that in 1/2 litre water. Make sure the Rodinal falls straight into the water and doesn't stick to the sides of the graduate, and keep stirring.

-- Sriram (, July 04, 2000.

Michael...I have developed hundreds of rolls of APX 100 and 400 along with many rolls of TriX all in Rodinal at 1+100 in plastic tanks that require 300mls (really 280) of solution. I use 3mls of Rodinal plus 300 mls of 68 degree water for 20 minutes. This information came from a Agfa handout...hope this helps...jim

-- Jim Vanson (, July 05, 2000.

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