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Some six weeks or so ago, MACO has introduced a new IR film. From a first review in a magazine, I've seen that its sensitivity does not reach quite as far into IR as that of Kodak HSIR, but considerably further than Konica. A further difference to Kodak is that the MACO film has an anti-halation backing, and its grain is said to be finer than that of Kodak's HSIR. Some information is given on, but it's rather thin. So much for the informative part.

Now for my question: Has anyone already tried the film? What are your experiences? Which developer did you use, what time, agitation, speed ...? I'd be grateful for input.

-- Thomas Wollstein (, July 04, 2000


Thomas, who/what is MACO?


-- Christian Harkness (, July 04, 2000.

MACO is the Hans O. Mahn Company, a manufacturer of quite a range of high-quality films, papers and chemistry. I think the name was mentioned in one or two posts in b&w world, but it even in Germany, not all stores carry their products as they are sometimes considered specialist stuff. Among the interesting things they manufacture (besides the IR film) is a successor of the discontinued Agfaortho 25 (Macophot Ort 25). Most of their web site is available in English. This also indicates that Germany is not their only market.

-- Thomas Wollstein (, July 04, 2000.

MACO is also apparently the manufacturer of Cachet papers.

-- Sal Santamaura (, July 04, 2000.


I thought I had the URL for the IR Mailing List Archives, but I can't find it right now. You can get it off of WJ's IR Homepage, though:

>>>> doesn't paste. Something weird about this website. Okay, I'll try to type it guarantees this way, though.>>><<<<

The Maco film has been discussed and tested exhaustively for a number of months now, by listers, and the archives can give you plenty of information.

Pete Schermerhorn, in the glorious Berkshire hills of western Massachusetts

-- Pete Schermerhorn (, July 04, 2000.

If anyone is interested.

Maco products are available in the UK via Mr. Cad ( - I presume they are the sole distributors here. Mr. Cad is located in Croydon, southern outskirts of London.

-- Klaus Werner (, July 06, 2000.

A buddy has confirmed the demise of Konica 750. Most of the major suppliers are selling out rapidly. MACO way find they have more demand than they expected!

-- Gene Crumpler (, July 07, 2000.

Well, I haven't yet found a U.S. distributor, but I did find:

The Maco website:

And some useful info:

Possibly Cachet carries the IR film, but I didn't see it listed on their website.

-- Brian C. Miller (, July 07, 2000.

Hello Thomas, Roberto Fiandri turned me on to this site which I think has what you're looking for:

what fun this is!

Personally, I'd rather enjoy (!) the grain of HIE than put up with these kinds of ASA/ISO numbers. One of the nice things about 35mm is it's made to be hand held. I always feel like I'm working in the wrong format when I put that little thing on a tripod (this is sort of a joke). Seriously, I'd rather load up 4x5 hie than mess with the roll film Konica, which never delivers the goods, even through an 87c at asa 6. Good luck with the Maco film... t

-- tom meyer (, July 09, 2000.

I understand Kodak has discontinued HIE in 4x5 sheet film. I found that out a week after I bought a sheet film camera to be able to shoot 4x5 cut down to 2x3. After doing the numbers, the cut down 220 film selling on the net is pretty reasonable at $25/roll for 220-24 exposures.

-- Gene Crumpler (, July 10, 2000.

Have a look to . There are a lot of Maco-IR informations, developement, filters an so on. Have a try. The MacoIR is my favorite IR-film. I use it with 1+o ID11, but I heard Xtol 1+2 must give a fine grain... Dr.Dirk drüten

-- Dr.Dirk drüten (, July 01, 2001.

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