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Because of excessive point leeching in Kangaroo, and a number of players complaining about said point leeching, it has been suggested that the settings for this game be required to be default (easy difficulty, no bonus lives, 3 men) instead of TG (easy difficulty, bonuses at 10K and every 30K thereafter, 3 men)

While Ben Jos does not ike the idea of ANY leeching in this game, I see no problem with maximizing your score on each level if you so choose. I'd like to hear feedback from MARP before modifying the settings.

Q.T.Quazar, MARP Rules Coordinator

-- Q.T.Quazar (, July 03, 2000


About leeching I think that if you finish the game the only way is to leech (like psychic5) but in this type of game I think that is good not to permit this. It is good in a game to see someone doing is best to pass many levels and not to stay in a point and punch the monkey. Changing settings will not stop the leeching (but it will surely reduce it) but will damage people that want to play without leeching. I think that for games in which we can determine where you can leech (and kangaroo is one of them) we can simply cut the score subtracting points done with leeching (harder way but this will not damage other players). I think that we can continue to use tg settings but only if we cut leeching, in the other case yes it is good to use only default settings.

P.s. Just to know, what' s the situation with shootout and clones?

-- A.D. SAKURAGI (, July 04, 2000.

Points leaching on this game will not get you 900k. I say this because I want to be the one to prove the TG score in the record book of almost 1M points done in a 7-11 back in the 80's is crap. I played many games the normal way to see just how far I can get, and let me tell you, this game is nastier then any game I've ever seen just 3 times around (stage 9-12). It's to the point you can't even make the dam latter before 3 monkeys come out and throw apples all at the same time and at the 3 different heights (ground, waist level, and head level) There is no way you can jump or duck or even punch your way to the latter and even if you did, you have 3 more platforms to climb and 3 more stages before you make it to the bigginning of the 4th level and your looking at a score of around 120k ~140K. So I decided to take the game and points press it as much as I can and then go as far with the levels as well which gave me a score somewhere over 200k NOT 900k+ like the one in the book. So to sum it up in a nut shell, play the game any way you choose. If one way gets you a little more points then the other way, then so be it. Besides, when the time comes for mame scores to get dumped into the 2nd edtion of the TG record books, any game played on non TG settings won't be accepted. I have a strong feeling that when the 3 posted of games comes out with the $1000 bountys, Kangaroo will be on the list. Beat the 900k+ score that's tops in the book, and your going home with $1000. It's that simple.

Regards, Steve Krogman

-- stephen krogman (, July 08, 2000.

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