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I am having problems making a VCD or should I say one that plays on my DVD player (Pioneer DV K101 which is PAL and NTSC complient). I am using Video studio 4.0 and I am saving the MPEG file as a MPEG 1 file. I then use either Nero 4.0 or CD Creator 4.0. I am still getting the same results when I put it in the DVD player it just ejects it after a few minutes of trying to read it. I have wasted over 20 CD's trying just about anything I know and no luck so far. Help will be appreciated.


-- Willie Bido (, July 03, 2000


I cannot comment on whether the DVD player is capable of playing a home brewed VCD. However, your statement that you are making a Mpeg1 file needs clarifying. It needs to be VCD compliant MPEG1 and not just an ordinary Mpeg1 stream output unless you have tweeked the other settings to comply. VS4 uses LSX and it is a prety poor encoder at best so it may always be a problem for you with that combination, you need to go down the track of using the Panasonic encoder to achieve any quality.

My site may help you understand the difficulties that we face in this process.

-- Ross McL (, July 03, 2000.

Here we go: the Pioneer DV101K is a first-generation karaoke DVD player that you can probably get to grind peanuts with but never to play any CD-R or CD-RW media. Throw that away or better yet give it to the Salvation Army and get a Pioneer DV-525, which Pioneer is making signs of replacing with a newer-generation model. (Whether what will replace the 525 is able to recognize CD-R/CD-RW media just as reliably is anybody's wild guess).

-- EMartinez (, July 03, 2000.

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