When does your sympathy---snap?

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When does your sympathy---snap? What are your limits?---Al

-- Al Schroeder (al.schroeder@nashville.com), July 03, 2000


I have no tolerance for the single mothers (or fathers if that is the case) who decide to sleep with every man/woman in their paths on every single night of the week. Then they end up with fifteen kids all playing off of the system. Myself and the other working people in the country end up paying for her kids.

It rubs me the wrong way when that same single mother/father says, "It's hard for me to work all day when I have a husband/wife, a social life and then there's those kids of mine all wanting something. And damn, Robbie's in jail again for theft. What am I doing wrong? I feel so bad. I hate this!"

I have no tolerance or sympathy for that. I have no tolerance for people who can't get off of their asses (pardon the language) and work to support themselves and their children.

*Steps down off of her soapbox*

Meghan from Strangely Enigmatic.

-- Meghan (meghlcl@aol.com), July 03, 2000.

My sympathy snaps when the same friend threatens suicide 10+ times in a conversation. It gets to the point where you want to say, "So shut about it and get over what's bothering you or just DO IT ALREADY!!!! Mind you I would never say it if I didn't know this person and his intentions, he does this almost weekly, so I know he won't commit suicide just because of something I say. I hope nobody thinks i'm heartless, just a little fed up with his constant pitty party! Angie

-- Angie (alanth@charter.net), July 03, 2000.

People who go out of their way to have others raise their children, with 10 hour days at day care, evening sitters and nanny's. The kids come to school regardless of their health-I have the feeling that some parents would actually wheel their sick kids into school/day care on a strecher. I understand that people need to work, but I also think some people just need to make some sacrifices so they can spend more time at home, if it's at all financially possible. Otherwise, why did you have them in the first place?

-- AJ (joijoijoi@hotmail.com), July 03, 2000.

When people make the same mistakes in their lives over and over again, then ask me why is life so hard???

That, and people who complain they have no money, when they spend it before they have it.

People who can't make their child do anything and worry about it, asking my advice, when it's clear they just don't do *anything*, discipline or otherwise, with their child at all.

Willfully remaining in ignorance. A lack of wanting to "try".

I'd just better stop now....

-- andrea (renhold@nbnet.nb.ca), July 03, 2000.

There's a guy at work who comes in just about every night and tells us about the gray hairs his two year old daughter gives him. The latest round involved her drinking weed killer (she was okay). Turns out he lets her play in the garage "all the time" unsupervised, and she's never done that before...

Granted, I'm still two months away from being a parent myself, but this guy's gray hair stories don't impress me all that much anymore. If you're going to let your kid hang out in the garage all day, I guess you have to expect this kind of thing?

-- Julie V (vandenboom@msn.com), July 03, 2000.

AJ, here's a worse one for you: I know the woman who is married to the co-owner of the company i work for. The guy is a millionaire. He has a mansion in the most prestigious neighborhood in Montreal. She doesn't work at all, so it sounds like she should be able to be home and raise her two small children.

She has a nanny. Why? So she can go shopping (not necessities like groceries, but clothing and such), and so she can socialize.

I don't know. He's on business trips for days at a time every week or so. She has a nanny so she can do things you're supposed to sacrifice a little more when you have kids. I just wonder who they're going to blame when the kiddies grow up to be strangers. Or worse, when they grow up to be alcoholics from raiding mommy and daddy's liquor cabinet every night because no one was home.

-- sherry (sherry@masc.ca), July 04, 2000.

Crikey! I thought and thought but could add nothing to nor take anything away from what Andrea said. Big nutshell - but that is what is in it for me.

-- Denver doug (ionoi@webtv.net), July 04, 2000.

What? No comments from John Rocker? I thought for sure he would add three or four pages on this topic, by now......

-- Planet Earth (imagine@industrial-ideas.com), July 10, 2000.


-- Chris Hawkins (peace@clover.net), August 11, 2000.

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