Eastern Shore of Virginia Residents?

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Would like to hear from anyone living on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Thanks.

-- Lynne David (lynnedavid@email.msn.com), July 02, 2000


Hello, My name is Karole and I am in Pocomoke Maryland, 3 miles from the border. In fact we are going to see the fireworks tonight in New Church Virginia. I am a homeschooling mother of 3 boys. I have a 12 acre homestead that we just moved on last August. We have chickens, goats, dogs, cats, bees. I am a huge gardener and in my free time "lol" I like to go to the beach at Chinchoteague Island. E-mail me. Karole

-- Karole (Biz3boymom@aol.com), July 02, 2000.

Hi there, how would you like some new neighbors? We're coming up in a couple of months.

-- Stephanie Nosacek (possumliving@go.com), August 08, 2000.

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