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jo, I laughed at the House of Walnut Bowls and the other signs on your website. I live in MO on the other side of Columbia, so I'm quite familiar with the sign.

I can't remember where I saw it, but I got a kick out of the following signs: On a gas station was "Jesus Saves-We Fix Flats" and another, "Leo's Hair Lair, Let us Tame your Mane"

My husband grew up in LA and spoke mostly Swedish until first grade. Once he was griping about the President sending troops to Somalia, and said, "He doesn't have anymore brains than Bush did when he sent troop to Granola. (Granada) Of couse I just howled.

-- gilda (, July 02, 2000


Funny that you have also seen the walnut bowl place. Good signs you mention.

I am pretty familiar with that neck of the woods. How'd you end up there and did you say you had a bookstore...?

Glad you found this site though, so how'd you happen on it?

-- jo (, July 03, 2000.

Hi jo, Not only have I seen the Walnut Bowl sign, we have one here and one in the next town.

I live in the Lake of the Ozarks area. But I didn't "end up here," actually I started out here, in fact I was born here. But after I left high school, I lived in Texas and California a few years, and eventually moved back home. I've been here ever since.

I found your site on the list of LUSENET sites. I had been on the Poetry site for awhile, but it was dying a natural death, and I was looking for some kindred souls to visit with. I checked out a couple, saw yours, liked the Crazy Old Lady title, clicked on, and here I am.

Yes, I did say I had a used bookstore. After I read your essay where you said your husand dealt in used and rare books, I knew I had found the right place. Books are my great love. I started my store with books and antiques. As I sold off the antiques, I stocked more books. I still deal with books, and sell things on ebay. But I mainly hunt things I like.

-- gilda (, July 03, 2000.

The internet is a pretty amazing place. How ironic that you found this site. A lot of midwestern book dealers from 10 surrounding states, including Mo. belong. Do you know Charlie and Judy Brothers? They recently moved down to the Lake of the Ozarks Area I believe. Maybe that's too personal a question. Sorry if it is.

Many years ago we used to vacation in the Lake of the Ozarks area. It was pretty down there, relaxing and the fishing was good:-) Don't get there much anymore though.

Do you sell on the internet? A lot of dealers have started doing that.

-- jo (, July 03, 2000.

jo, I can't believe it! I've been reading your journals when I've had a few minutes extra time, and I just finished the one on Dental Hell. Here's the amazing part. I just began dental hell last year too. The dentist said I should see a periodontist, as I had some problems he found when he fitted me for a new bridge. I did not like the sound of deep scaling and planing.

After my first session of this particular brand of torture, I felt like that poor guy in the book Marathon Man. I really had a lot of pain, and I was paying *big money* for this torture. I had three more sessions and one followup. This rigamarole cost more than my three weeks in England.

I too had to do the antibiotic route and I'm using a special mouthwash every morning and night, and I sometimes forget one of them. My doctor said the problem was a combination of heredity and aging. Welcome to the Golden Years!

You have my deepest sympathy. From one who has been there recently and has to go back in September. I truly wish I'd had all my teeth yanked out years ago while my gums were still healthy. My sister is 12 years older than I, and has only had 3 fillings her entire life. Talk about unfair!!

Back to staining my bookcases and then I'll read another journal.

P. S. I love the Art Museum in Chicago. When my cousin lived in DeKalb I would visit her and we would always go there first. I would love to get to Chicago next year and see the T-Rex.

-- gilda (, July 03, 2000.

Hmmm..this sentance I wrote in my previous post seems to make no sense...must have come from nowhere...

>A lot of midwestern book dealers from 10 surrounding states, including Mo. belong.< What I meant was I am associated with an organization of book dealers which has a lot of members from IL and the surrounding midwestern states... Oh well...

Dental hell is almost over and it was not as bad as I thought it would be. Had a tooth removed though and it looks ugly, but will be replaced shortly.

Expensive proposition..all that dental work, and spouse has to have it done as well...Dental insurance would be nice, but the insurance I was able to tap into did not include either of my I am forking over the dough.

-- jo (, July 04, 2000.

jo, don't worry about the sentence making sense, I knew what you meant.

I didn't belong to the Midwestern Book Dealers Association, if that's the one you're talking about. But I was considering joining when we heard our business was sold. I didn't do Book Fairs, but I liked to read about them in AB Bookman. I pretty much confined my business to the store.

But there is one book sale I never miss, and that is the Des Moines Planned Parenthood Book Sale held every September at the fair grounds. My best friend is also a book person, and this is one of the highlights of our year. We get there on Friday night for the big rush and then leave Sunday morning after gleaning the aisles one more time. Have you been there? They have over 500,000 books, records, tapes, prints., etc.

-- gilda (, July 05, 2000.

That sale sounds like the Brandeis Book Sale here. But I don't think Brandeis has 500,000 books. People line up for hours, actually days to be first or close to first here. Is that what it's like in DesMoines?

I have been to DesMoines to do an art fair, as that was primarily what we did before the books. I am really still a peripheral in the book business, as it is my spouse who has the knowledge. But it's hard not to pick it up as you go.

The organization I mentioned is really Midwest Bookhunters, who's web page is at http:// You won't find a lot there right now, but it will become more informational as they get more organized about what they want to put on the web.

Actually, I am a little short on time this week since we have to do one of those few art fairs we continue to attend. So I may not post much here, but maybe others will.

-- jo (, July 05, 2000.

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