Well it has been fun.

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Back from Texas. It has been fun here. I will be out of the country a lot until November so I won't be participating anymore. CPR and Andy Ray. Good luck with your crusade. You should really change your handles and post a few on EZboard. It would drive them nuts. Eve. Good luck philosophying. All: Have fun in LV.

Best wishes,,,,,

-- Z1X4Y7 (Z1X4Y7@aol.com), July 02, 2000



We will miss you. I DO suspect you will find a way to post occasionally-once bitten with this bug it is difficult to shake. I wish you well in your endeavors and I wish you safety in your travels. Godspeed my friend.

-- FutureShock (gray@matter.think), July 02, 2000.

Yo, you be on best behavior, Yo, we will all you miss, Yo, hope come back you real soon, Yo, peace, word-up and hope have you real dope travels.

-- Me4Earplugs (mysterious@no.mail), July 02, 2000.

Hope to see you back sometime. I keep thinking about quitting for the summer as I have too much to do--the vegetable garden, wildflower garden, pets and remodeling projects. I should have left sooner, when there was really a boring period. But eve has posted some interesting essays, and I can't resist reading them, and then jumping in.

Take care.

-- gilda (jess@listbot.com), July 02, 2000.


Be well and take care in your travels my friend,it's been good conversing with ya.

BTW,if you ever want to, send me one of those questions : )

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), July 02, 2000.

Take care, Z. 73!

-- (kb8um8@yahoo.com), July 02, 2000.

>> I won't be participating anymore. <<

Sorry to hear it. Your presence will be missed. May good luck follow you, as you "brighten the corner where you are."

-- Brian McLaughlin (brianm@ims.com), July 02, 2000.

Like Arnold, you'll be back.

Since you can't come back as A, a, or @ - {they're taken, aren't they?};

maybe you can come back as z, $, zl-d, or z1-d.

happy trails,,,,,

-- flora (***@__._), July 02, 2000.


Have a great trip. You're comments will be missed. Can you tell us where you are going? Is it business or pleasure? Are you a secret agent-man? Are you doing botanical research in exotic ecosystems? Are you on sabbatical? Am I nosey?

Bon voyage.

-- Lars (lars@indy.net), July 02, 2000.

Take care, Z. I enjoyed your postings.

-- Dan the Power Man (dgman19938@aol.com), July 02, 2000.

Z, your wit, wisdom and humor will be missed over the next few months.

Have great (and safe) travels and I look forward to your return (and STORIES, man, lots of STORIES!!).

-- Patricia (PatriciaS@lasvegas.com), July 02, 2000.

Oh, Z -- I just saw your post, and I hope you're not gone yet! Bon Voyage, and I hope you reconsider and return to the forum (what Patricia said -- with lots of tales from far lands) when you get back; I'll be missing you. And thanks for the "good luck" wish.

Gilda, I'm glad you liked the essays. Although I'll be off line much of the rest of this week, I hope to post more after I get back.

-- eve (eve_rebekah@yahoo.com), July 04, 2000.

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