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I saw "Match Made In Heaven" today and I saw the part where Mark says to Carol "Doug's been seeing them". We don't know if he actually has or not. I think he had seen them. Here's my theroy of why I think this. Lucy died and Carol would obviously tell Doug since he knew her. After hearing about Lucy's death he came back to Chicago to see his kids and possibly attend Lucy's memorial. Maybe he realized that life's short and that that could have been Carol instead of Lucy. That would be a very good reason to see her and the kids and try to get her to go to Seattle to be with him. That's just my theroy though. What do you think?

-- Cammie (, July 01, 2000


It could work that way...It's just that the annoying thing is, we don't know why we didn't hear about this before. The thing that ticks everyone off about ER is when they pull these unexpected little stunts and haven't built up to them at all. "Doyling" and "Bobbing" and so forth...and all of a sudden we find out Doug's been seeing his kids.

So, your theory is plausible, but we need to know why it was a secret! Apparently Mark was in on the whole thing, but...

Oh, and then you have the whole Luka/Carol mess. But that's a whole other can o' worms... :)

-- Cecelia (, July 01, 2000.

Don't you guys thing that Doug would fly back to Chicago to see the Love of His Life and his NEWBORN DAUGHTERS!!! Remember, Carol was off for maternity leave and therefore out of the everyday life of the ER folks - so her life was going on and it's only natural that she was spending some of the time w/Doug. I also understand why he wouldn't drop by the ER to visit considering the circumstances surrounding his departure. Yes I agree that TPTB should have made mention some how of the fact that he was in their lives but it is not so unbelivable to me to find out that he'd been there.

-- Linda (, July 02, 2000.

Of course it is not unbelieveable Linda, but they should have mentioned it sooner. I think that's why people were upset--the girls were 4 months old before anyone said anything about Doug. Viewers should use their imaginations to an extent, but this was just sloppy writing. They shouldn't have let the story hang like they did.

-- Karen (, July 02, 2000.

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