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It has come to my attention that the Lousiana Pacific plant at the remaining end of the former CofGa Eufaula to Ozark(Alabama)(E&O) line has announced it's upcoming closure. I'm quite sure that the Ga & Ala RR that operates the line will close the line that serves the plant since there are no customers on line past Eufaula other than L.P. Looks like another little part of the Central will be gone now........

-- Rick Perry (, July 01, 2000


Eufaula - December 6 - Asphalt is being cleared from tracks where they intersect with Barbour Street and Broad Street.... When this is completed, wye should be functional, though probably with just enough room to clear locomotive & maybe a couple of cars.

-- David harris (, December 07, 2001.

Was in Eufaula on November 28. Brush was being cleared along the track north of abandoned Cowikee Lumber yard toward the restored freight depot. Clearing was also underway along the leg of the wye that passed by the old engine facility, connecting the Montgomery line with the Ozark line. Didn't realize so much track was still in place- had been completely out of sight in weeds and brush. There was a track machine in the distance, but did not have time to take closer look. One of the workers said a 'train' was to be placed beside the freight depot by Christmas, and also that the lumber yard on the west side of town near Carbo was going to increase rail shipments. Restoring these tracks to service would not be necessary to handle that traffic, though the wye might make it easier to swap ends with the loco for the run to Cuthbert.

-- David Harris (, November 30, 2001.

Also... the line from Opelika to LaFayette, Alabama is in danger if not out of service already.. with no pulpwood being shipped out of Langley Wood Yard and the sale of East Alabama Lumber to Dudley Lumber, who seems to be using trucks to haul chips, there seems to be no traffic generated in LaFayette any more.. Looks like Dick Abernathy has successfully closed down another promising ex C of Ga line for Norfork Southern..

-- Glenn K. Marsh (, October 09, 2001.

I was last in Eufaula about a year ago, at which time there was some kind of activity at a business just inside the Alabama line. Don't recall exactly what, but somehow lumber yard suggests itself.

This would have been southeast of the CG freight house and the junction of the two former CG lines. I seem to remember power parked there, too (not green and yellow F3's, though :). What is the story on this business today?

Its a relief to hear that the freight house will be saved, although by the time it gets renovated it will probably barely be recognizable as such. I bet this is the only remaining CG freight house still wearing its "Central of Georgia Freight House" lettering. Maybe someone in the neighborhood could sneak some masking tape over it ;)


-- Ron Wright (, July 06, 2000.

You're probably right about the former CofG line from Eufaula to White Oak if LA Pacific closes its particleboard plant. I was the agent in Eufaula from 1983 until 1985, bidding the job in following the fatal heart attack of the previous agent. At that time there were 2 industries in White Oak. A.P. Green operated a bauxite ore loading facility across the track from LP and did quite a bit of business. Sometime after I left Eufaula A.P. Green closed their facility leaving only LP. The line is very isolated once you get out of Eufaula. There were several customers located on this line in Eufaula back in the 80's but I think only 1 remains an active rail customer; Carbo Ceramics and ironically one of the newest industries in Eufaula. They opened while I was in Eufaula. Not only will this spell trouble for the Eufaula-White Oak line, it may well spell trouble for the line from Cuthbert GA to Eufaula. It is 25 miles from Cuthbert to Eufaula. Carbo and London International (they receive inbound latex) will be about all thats left in Eufaula and there are no customers between Cuthbert and Eufaula. Neither of these do a lot of business on rail and may make it hard even for a short line to survive. I wonder if LP would consider selling the plant to another manufacturer or has anyone expressed interest in it???

On another note concerning this line, I have heard that the city of Eufaula has received a grant to renovate to old freight depot at Eufaula. I understand they are going to turn it into city offices including the Chamber of Commerce. It couldn't come too quickly as the depot is in sad shape and in bad need of work before it is too late.

Sad news indeed about the Ozark district and one can only hope for a happy outcome.

Bryan Smith Columbia Alabama

-- Bryan Smith (, July 03, 2000.

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