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I would like to know when exactly the SR took over the augusta southern how long the operated it and when the line was closed. I would love to have a photograph but I will take what I can get. PS the line is still operating from augusta to hephzibah under NS.

thank you, jim park

-- james george park (, July 01, 2000


Jim - The Augusta Southern started as the Augusta, Gibson & Sandersville RR, a narrow gauge line, opened from Augusta to Gibson on Dec. 10, 1885 and to Sandersville on Nov. 26, 1886. The AG&S was placed in receivership on January 1, 1892. The company was reorganised, May 1, 1893, as the Augusta Southern RR., and converted to standard gauge September 30, 1895. ASRR operated as an independant, under SR control since the reorganization, until April 1, 1917, when SR sold the AS to the Georgia & Florida. The G&F abandoned McAdoo-Sandersville in 1934. SR bought G&F in 1971 and merged it into the Central of Georgia. McAdoo-Hephzebah was abandoned in 1966. This is a somewhat condensed version of the AS history as given in George Hilton's NARROW GAUGE RAILROADS IN AMERICA book. You didn't indicate what era photo you would want, but I'd suggest if it's AS you might want to try the Augusta City Library and see if they have anything in their verticle files. Many local libaries maintain file cabinets of newspaper clippings, photos, etc., pertaining to local history. For later operators, try some of the RR photo dealers who advertise in the back of TRAINS magazine.

-- Tom Underwood (, July 02, 2000.

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