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I was not sure how to reply to any of the replies to my original request but would like to say thanks and to say to Charles the reason for the doubly entry was purely down to the fact that I put the wrong e-mail address the first time and did not know how to change it!!!. Following on from your replies I still am not sure where to go from here. The original request to Nationwide for information was on the 29th January 2000 and I received their reply on the 17th May asking why. They have not asked for anything from me to prove it is me just why I want to know. I also stated that I was banking with NAtionwide at the time the property was sold but also, here's the ironic part, I was, and up unitl November 1999 working in a Mortgage Brokers with daily contact with the NAtionwide Branch with the MAnager and staff knowing about the repo. In July 1997 I asked one of the staff at the NAtionwide what had happened re my mortgage and she said the account had been closed with #8,000 outstanding. Will this help me in my future dealings with them? Lastly, Lee I will arrange to send you copies of the letters asap.

-- (, June 30, 2000



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-- James (, August 28, 2000.

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