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Hmm. Not the the most active forum on lusenet, to be sure...

So - some questions:

1. PHP: Thoughts? As I understand it, it's an open-source kinda alternative to ASP; you can embed tags straight into HTML that do things. My experience with dynamic pages is all Perl, where the script is a container for the HTML, rather than vice versa, which seems to be the case which PHP.

2. What the hell happened to your email? Why are you having to root through your logs to figure out what happened?

3. (A comment, rather than a question) If you managed to fill an entire yard-sized trash bag with debris from your bathroom, you've either got a seriously large bathroom, or you're a very messy person...

-- Ian the Terrible (, June 30, 2000


1. You're exactly right about PHP. Non-Microsoft, open source, and the HTML is the container for the script. I have only used the basic PHP code, I don't know for sure how much built-in functionality it has for actual scripting. But since Dreamhost is using Debian Linux, and I don't know Perl, it's nice to be able to just do little things like Include files.

2. I run my own smtp server for my mail, a simple little program called FTGate that runs here on my machine. The short version is, I had everything set so it didn't bounce stuff back to me, it was trying to bounce it to a nonexistent postmaster address, which never particularly mattered before, but the DNS servers I was using were having a rough week. Error between keyboard and chair. I think it's working now.

3. Both. It would probably help to mention that I have two good- sized sets of shelves in there, one the size of a bookshelf, and another made of 6 12-inch-deep cubes. Both shelves were full of stuff I didn't need, misc packing/packaging materials, empty grocery sacks, etc. I also had two ample (for a bathroom) trash cans full of same. There were also three boxes from Lush stacked on the floor, full of paper packing. I kept the boxes, threw away all that packing. It was all largely paper-type trash, so while it did end up filling up the trash bag, I never actually crushed the stuff down, and the whole bag weighs about 2 pounds.

I haven't bothered with measuring the bathroom out, but it is as deep as my bedroom (which is deep enough that I walk about 4 steps before reaching the end of the bed), and wider than a bathtub length. A bathtub that is already quite long, long enough for me to stretch out, and I'm 5'10. If I didn't care about things like opening the doors, I could probably squeeze a loveseat into each of the two sections of the bathroom.

I love my bathroom.

And I am a messy person. How often do you hear me talk about housekeeping? Well, that's about how often I do it. I do the hygenic tasks (dishes, kitchen in general, toilet, bathtub) more frequently, but that doesn't do anything about my general pack-rat- ness.

You don't even want to see what's in the Jeep. *I* don't even know what all's in the Jeep.

-- Never (, June 30, 2000.

Regarding PHP, have you seen ?


-- Katy (, July 01, 2000.

Well heck, that didn't work the way I wanted it to.

There was supposed to be a nice link on the words 'this article', but instead, I screwed up, and it ate the words, leaving the link on just the question mark.


-- Katy (, July 01, 2000.

Weird - because it worked just fine in the emailed version of your post. Well, anyway, you can still get there from the link, and that article is hilarious!

I can't believe I've never been to that site before.

-- Never (, July 01, 2000.

I've seen that article, although I can't remember how I found it.

By the way - the link didn't work right on the forum page because you missed the closing angle bracket on the href.

-- Ian the Terrible (, July 01, 2000.

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