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Doing my head in. I have ati all in one 16mb, eazy cd deluxe4. I can make mpeg1 files but when i go to make a vcd I keep getting error system clock refrence (1154)is there any way out if this? cheers. K

-- kpj (, June 29, 2000



Have these Mpeg 1 files been encoded for vcd?

-- CAHOLLOWAY (, June 29, 2000.


In order for EZ CD to accept the mpeg-1 clip from ATI you have to set everything to default VCD. Furthermore, you have to have MMC 6.2 software to make VCD compliant mpeg1: I am assuming that you have that software for your ATI. If you modify any of the default settings, then EZ CD will fuzz at you for doing so. The system clock reference is pointing to a wrong multiplexing rate....this has to do with the motion estimation compensation slider in the mpeg1 settings. The normal default setting is 3, which produces a lot of video block noise. You have to slide it up above 15 before the block noise will go away. So if you do this, then you have to fix the wrong multiplexing rate with another software, before running it through EZ CD. Please use Cinax IfilmEdit to correct the multiplexing rate.

-- lnguyen (, June 30, 2000.

Thank everyone for the help. Will keep trying cheers K

-- kpj (, July 01, 2000.

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