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I have a sick rhode island red chicken who is vomiting and has a gurgle in her throat, what should i do

-- Sarah (, June 29, 2000


I am surprised no one answered yet, Gerbil were are you? Has the chicken eaten any thing which could have poisioned it? Is it still alive?Maybe if you give run down on all symptoms some one will know what it is.

-- kathy h (, July 01, 2000.

Hi Sarah, sorry I didn't get to you before this. I've been out cutting firewood in this awful heat and humidity. I keep telling myself I won't remember the misery when I'm burning the wood to keep warm, but I suspect I will.

How's the hen doing? There are a number of parasites and diseases that could cause this. However, do you have other birds? Are they ok? Have you brought any new birds in recently? She may have something stuck in her throat. Can you catch her and feel both her neck and her body? (Birds tend to look fairly good, even when they're skin and bones underneath.) Is she eating and drinking? What does the vomit look like? If she's still alive, and if you can, catch her and put her someplace by herself. It might be a big help if you can raise her food and water dishes up so she doesn't have to reach down to get at them.

Let me know how she's doing, and a little more info, and we'll see what we can come up with. Gerbil

-- Gerbil (, July 03, 2000.

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