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I am a MCDBA+MCSE and is looking for a junior or entry level SQL DBA position in Atlanta area. But I found it is very difficulty to have the oppotunity. Normaly company need people have at least 2 years experience. How can I get into door?

-- Anonymous, June 29, 2000



Check out the Atlanta Metro area search page on Dice at http://www.dice.com/jobsearch/metro/atlanta.html. Enter the word SQL into the box and click Search. There are some junior positions available. In my opinion, certification is a reasonable substitute for a year of experience.

Also, in my posting policy, I state, "As a SQL Server professional, you may post an availability notice after you have answered an unanswered question. Please note geographic area of availability." If you do post such a notice, please be sure to spell check it.

Good Luck,


-- Anonymous, June 29, 2000

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