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You may remember Justice and I had a little Xena forum. It was a humble forum, but we were proud of it, and though it still exists, it no longer thrives. Make the forum happy and let its barren pastures be green Just copy and paste. "Good boy."

-- Freya Lorelei (, June 28, 2000


I'll go there, but I probably won't have anything to say, 'cause I don't watch Xena. My mom watches it, but I either walk away or fall asleep when she is. I only watch cartoons. And the news. And Home Improvement. And Drew Carey. And Dark Shadows. It's on the Sci Fi network! YAY!

-- War Motimon (, June 28, 2000.

Xena is also on the Sci-Fi Network. Tuesdays at about 9, if I'm not mistaken (sorry, don't watch reruns...I have all the eps on tape, so I don't need to). I see your preferences run to a lot of guy-oriented stuff, so Xena may be a bit of "culture shock" for you, but it's definately worth it. And I'm not saying that just because I'm a liberal feminist! :) Seriously, it's really good. Even if you just tune in to watch chicks kick ass, try to absorb some actual plot too. And read fan fic...that's a sure way to get more involved in the show. My enthusiasm for the show shot up tenfold when I started reading Missy Good's fan fic. It even improved my writing.

-- Freya Lorelei (, June 29, 2000.

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