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Do you stretch the truth at times? Do you think it's usually harmless, or not? Have you gotten in trouble for it?

For me, I feel like this whole 'under contract' thing is fairly harmless. I mean, I will be under contract when I get the darn thing in the mail.

But I admit, I'm a fibber. I try very hard not to lie about the really really important things though.

Or the things I might get caught at. ;)

-- Lisa Nichols (, June 28, 2000


Good point about relationships, I suppose. It sort of depends. If you know someone stretches the truth about little things, but not about the big things, and you can deal with it, the relationship can still work, IMHO.

And ironically, my mom's been having dreams about me and the IRS being after me. I'm starting to get paranoid. ;)

-- Lisa (, June 30, 2000.

Yeah, I think it's okkay to fib about anything. I'm constantly fibbing about various things. But you really shouldn't fib if you want to be in a good stable relationship. Sort eats away at the whole trust issue. But other than that, yeah, sure, fibbing is completely okkay. As long as you don't get into some serious with the IRS.

-- Wendy Raimi (, June 28, 2000.

I find it almost impossible to lie to my wife. She sees right through me. Which makes it kinda tough to plan an surprise parties for her. :-)

-- Joel Palenychka (, July 04, 2000.

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