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Just to let all the UK ER fans know. Next Thursday at 9.30pm Sky One is reshowing the pilot episode of ER: 24 Hours!!!

-- Andrea Twigg (, June 28, 2000


You're lucky! I've been watching "ER" since the fourth season as well as the repeats on TNT, and I have never seen the pilot. I went to Blockbuster to rent it, but they don't have it! My only hope is that TNT will eventually rerun it.

-- Katrina (, June 29, 2000.

Do you know if 2 eposides are being shown on that date, because in my TV guide it says that the next program doesn't start until 11:30, is this right??

I also wanted to know, if anyone knows why C4 has seemed to stop showing ER, it's not showing for the rest of this week or next week, is that all we get, or will it re-start after all the sports have finished???

Thanks Hayley

-- Hayley Payne (, June 29, 2000.

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