Looking for German authors

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I#m in search of a someone who is able to write a book about Java2. This person must be German, as it is for a German publisher.

Anyone interested, please mail me at ufritz@databecker.de


-- Ulrike Fritz (ufritz@databecker.de), June 28, 2000


I love itlalians! even tho im french! screw germans! italians rule all da way!

-- nat charmet (natalia_charmet@hotmail.com), November 19, 2002.

yes i was looking for german authors because on my homework it says that i have to find out what book or books the authors had published before 1933 and i had to explain why the nazis wanted to burn the work of these authors.the german author is upton sinclair and the forigen is helen keller.please help me

-- amber jones (ambheat@aol.com), November 24, 2002.

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