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Hello everybody,

a while ago I bought, very cheaply, a pair of N scale FA-2s in the simplified green and white paint scheme. They were supposed to be candidates for test running when setting up the club layout (I'm with Tex-N of Plano, near Dallas, Texas), and they are serving for that. However, they run well enough that we use them throughout the show hours as well. Unfortunately, both have the road number 810, and I'd like to change that. I don't have the Southern Diesel book (yet), so can somebody fill me in, for now, which road numbers Southern has used for their FA-2s, and/or if there is anything fishy with that paint scheme on those engines and the road number? (I admit, the green used by the manufacturer looks more like candy rather than the real stuff which I think was much darker and more saturated.)

Cheers, Jochen

-- Hans-Jochen Trost (, June 28, 2000


Southern never bought any Alco FA's, but they did own some PA's.

Ben Lee

-- Ben Lee (, June 28, 2000.

Thanks, Ben. Those model manufacturers seem to take tons of modeler's licence, with the smoothside passenger car set for the Crescent being another Southern related example (wrong color scheme for the time). Well, I'll invent some road numbers some time.

Cheers, Jochen

-- Hans-Jochen Trost (, June 28, 2000.

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