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---------------------------------------------------------------------- US Supercomputers Help China Test Nukes

Report: US Supercomputers Help China Test Nukes

( - China is illegally using US supercomputers to conduct simulated nuclear tests at its main nuclear weapons facility in Beijing, the Washington Times reports. The newspaper spoke with officials familiar with a classified report circulated among US national security officials last month. Those officials did not say who made the supercomputers or how China got them. The report is focusing new attention on the fact that Congress passed, and President Clinton recently signed, a bill loosening exports restrictions on American-made high-performance computers. US manufacturers will be able to start selling the faster systems on August 15, the newspaper reports. Sales of so-called supercomputers are restricted because they are key elements in designing and developing nuclear weapons.

-- Deb M. (, June 27, 2000


AH SO, LAST YEAR THEY SAVED US FROM THE PERIL OF THE DISNEY CO. and this year, the "Chinese Threat"?

It must be true what is said about a "stopped clock". Doesn't keep time but for one second, it is correct twice in 24 hours. Page=\Culture\archive\CUL19990708b.html Christian Network Exposes Gay Day at Disney
By Lawrence Morahan
CNS Staff Writer - CNS Photos by Paul McNamara
08 July, 1999

Washington (CNS) - The Walt Disney Company, creators of Mickey Mouse and purveyors of family entertainment for over 50 years, is now at the forefront of a political push for acceptance of homosexuality as normal behavior, Christian activists said Thursday at a press conference in Washington.

A video shot by Christian Action Network member Paul Capps during the annual Gay Days held at the company's Orlando, Florida theme park showed Disney employees simulating anal and oral sex at a Disney nightclub was released to members of the media on Thursday. Disney has said they do not officially sponsor the Gay Day held at its Orlando park.

"Disney denies any association with Gay Day," Martin Mawyer, president of the Christian Action said. "This video proves otherwise."

"Disney has turned the beauty into a beast," Mawyer said at the press conference. "And I predict that religious Americans are about to turn Cinderella into a pumpkin."

-- cpr (, June 27, 2000.



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-- cpr (, June 27, 2000.

OFF !!.

-- cpr (, June 27, 2000.

Unstable, extremely unstable. It is clear that he has gone so far off the deep end about this Y2K issue that he has lost his career, friends, and social life. Someone please help this poor sick person before he puts a bullet in his head, or someone else's.

-- cyber freud (cpr is desperately in need of @ mental c.p.r.), June 27, 2000.

>> Unstable, extremely unstable. <<

You wouldn't feel this way if you just admitted to yourself that cpr was right about Y2K. Then you would come to understand that cpr's rightness on this issue has achieved a stability that rivals the hydrogen atom. It is an eternal truth, a predictable verity, a monument like Mt. Rushmore.

In fact, cpr's state of being right about Y2K has solidified and spread to the point that he is thinking of building a skyscraper on it. How's that for stable?

-- Brian McLaughlin (, June 27, 2000.


You know, it used to be that mental instability was something you *hid* from your neighbors, not something you shouted from your rooftop. Geeze...

Compared to CNN's 24-hour propaganda, this story is nothing.

-- Deb M. (, June 28, 2000.

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