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Okay, I want you all to be honest with me. Why is it that noone has told me what happened to Carter? Where did Carol run off to? Where is Benton and Luka? Someone better start giving me some answers NOW or else you're all in BIG trouble. So start explaining everyone! Robert "Rocket" Ramano

-- Robert "Rocket" Ramono (Ramano@where are they.com), June 27, 2000


I went to be with my soulmate Doug you big jerk! So what are you going to do about it? So see ya, wouldn't want to be ya!

-- Carol (Carol@i'minseattle.com), June 27, 2000.

Hey Ramano! I'm going to be haunting you very shortly, so you better watch your back! Ha!

-- Lucy (Lucy@i'minheaven.com), June 27, 2000.

If nobody's giving Rocket a straight answer, here's my chance to redeem my standing at CCH. Dr. R, here's the scoop: Benton and Luka have had the hots for each other ever since Luka arrived. But Benton was jealous of Carol, and Luka was jealous of Carter. So Benton and Luka disposed of Carol and Carter, and made up semi-plausible cover stories of where C & C are supposed to have gone. They also arranged for Carter to have given Benton a lot of money. Benton and Luka ran off together, I forget where but it starts with P. They're going to set up a practice to do brilliant surgery on people who have been victimized. Hmm, that isn't a very straight answer, is it? So anyway, there are now three fewer dudes in the ER, so you and I can take our pick of the chicks. You can have Cleo. Chen is for me!

-- Dr. Dave (Dr.Dave@countyhospital.org), June 27, 2000.

Dave! Rocket! Hey, I've been missing you guys. I hate it here with all my heart. They had me on suicide watch when I came in, I wouldnt eat or talk, I just cried for days. Then I took a look in the mirror and I looked like hell, so I decided to get with the program. They have strict rules and regulations and I only get four cigarettes a day. The food is horrible, it's no wonder I look like hell, the beds are hard, and the staff members are downright rude. I want to come back recovered, but how can I in the place?

Dave, buddy, I miss you! I miss our talks. I even miss Romano, that's how desperate I am. How's Greene? How's Corday? What's up with Kerry? Do they miss me?

-- John Truman Carter (docinrehab@atlanta.net), June 27, 2000.

Robert, Maybe if you were more in tune with your staff than you are with that bloody dog of your's...you would know what is going on around here!!

-- Elizabeth Corday (joijoy@webtv.net), June 28, 2000.

HELLO FROM ATLANTA! Hey Guys! I am down here in Atlanta chillin' with my Home-Girl and #1 Cutie Pie, Linda! We're laying by the pool all day and spending long, romantic, loving evenings enjoying each others company. I will be back in Chicago sometime after the World Series. Hey - watch for me on your TV - I've got really good seats for the All-Star Game next week!

Catch you later, Luka :-)

-- Linda (l.brown@mindspring.com), June 28, 2000.

Gee Ramano, are you that dumb? I thought I told you a long time ago what happened? Carter and Carol both went to visit Lucy's mom before going to Seattle. Well only Carol went to Seattle but then Carter decided to go take a vacation and I can't tell you where that is. As for Benton and Luka, I saw them near the park kicking each others as**es.

-- Abby (Abby@i'mactinglikelucy.com), June 28, 2000.

Hey dumbas*! I'll tell you what happened. Carol came back to me and then we decided to invite Carter to come visit us so we could talk about what happened and how to deal with stuff. I'd do most of the talking since Carol's original talk didn't seem to help. As for Benton I think I heard that he went to go see his son. And Luka went somewhere but I don't know where. Is that all right with you you balding jackas*?! So see ya! Wouldn't want to be ya!

-- Doug (Doug@ilovecarol.com), June 28, 2000.

Ok, Robert, there's one thing we need to keep straight. I am the chief of the ER. What that means is I deal with my staff however I deem necessary. I drew up some charts that show the difference in staff and how it has affected our patient load, and not much has changed. Therefore, your questions are unneccesary and unjustified. The absence of Carter and Carol was kept from you for obvious reasons. This is a small short story I wrote about you and your nonexistant compassion and due to that lack of emotion, you were not involved in either departure. If you have any questions, Robert, feel free to ask me, but do keep in mind that I am chief of the emergency room and I have authority and responsibility.

-- Kerry Weaver (imtheboss@county.med), June 28, 2000.

In case you forgot Kerry, I am the boss of you! I did suspend you and I'll do it again if I have to! So start explaining or you're outta here! As for the rest of you, you're all in big trouble!

-- Ramano (Ramano@imtheboss.com), June 28, 2000.

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