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Just wanted to share with you a little good news from our homestead. We have a hen (Black Austorlorp) sp? that is about 6 years old. we let free range as she is basically a pet. She survived 2 winters alone when we butchered our chickens (I couldn't catch her!) So we decided to just let her go her own way. When we got our new chickens she started hanging around the coop and would find a tree to roost in at night. A few weeks ago she just disappeared and I thought that some varmit had finally got her. Well yesterday she came back home with 16 chicks trailing along with her. I was shocked to see her again let alone all the chicks.

We put out some feed in a large wire cage and waited for her to go inside and now we have her and the chicks safe and sound and well protected. I'm really proud of the old girl. I'm not sure if they are all hers or not since some of hens are let out to range during the day but at this point I don't care. We plan on taking care her as long as we can. Might seem silly to some of you but it really made my day.

God Bless

Jim T

-- Jim Tanner (, June 27, 2000


Wonderful story! It sounds like she is a survivor! We should all be so lucky! Good luck....

-- Debbie T in N.C. (, June 27, 2000.

16 chicks!!! I 'm giving her a standing ovation! That's great news. Let us know how they are doing now and then. Denise

-- Denise (, June 27, 2000.

Good for her!If any of the babys look like her I would keep them you could start your own super hardy strain.

-- kathy h (, June 27, 2000.

Very Cool! I'd be a real happy camper about that too.

-- john leake (, June 27, 2000.

Jim, good for you and her! Nothing silly about the miracle of Spring on a homestead.

-- Rachel (, June 27, 2000.

It sure is great to read some good news!Thanks for posting this! God bless,~~~Tracy~~~

-- Tracy Jo Neff (, June 27, 2000.

Have a similar "mama"! Thought for sure she was fox food, and suddenly there she is there with (only) 14 chicks! They were like popcorn! A good mother hen is a treasure. That mama is now 9 years old, and has 4 chickies (4 weeks) as we speak! Ain't it cool?! GL!

-- Brad (, June 30, 2000.

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