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AT LEAST FIVE THAT ARE PART AND PARCEL LINKED COMPLETELY TO Y2k FEAR including one teenager and 2 militia types shot after running from the Police in two states after raiding convenience stores with armed weapons. One adult suicide of a Doomer in the Upper Mid-west and one Japanese Business man suicide terrified that he would be unable to handle the complexity of the job in his own company and thus lose "face" and his career.

HOW MANY **SEPARATIONS AND DIVORCES**??? Ask Steve Hewitt at Christian Computing Magazine who opposed Hyatt and others. in answer to this BS:

At this point in the debate, I just wanted to add that "Imminent TEOTWAWKI" is a big fat poopoo head. Thanks for your attention."

I would have chosen more sophisticated quasi-intellectual verbiage such as, "enormous rotund anal excrement head". Sounds more polite anyway. I'm glad you chose not to use "shithead". Ugh, the vulgarity!

Seriously though, if we change the premise, for arguements sake, of the outcome of Y2K and make it moderatly negative then who would be responsible for the thousands of deaths that ensued because people were chided and shamed into not preparing?


How many deaths have the doomers caused because they were wrong?

-- Imminent TEOTWAWKI (Lurker@tb.boom), June 27, 2000.

-- cpr (, June 27, 2000



"raiding convenience stores".

Are Twinkies and Ding Dongs considered survival food? How about Slurpees?

-- J (Y2J@home.comm), June 27, 2000.

Are Twinkies and Ding Dongs considered survival food?

Are you kidding?? Those things can last forever!

-- (hmm@hmm.hmm), June 27, 2000.

Suicide: Some doomer named Jor_el over at the FRL site is thinking about it. Bingo 1 can verify this.

LOTS of people hocked their souls because of y2k.

-- (S@d to.say), June 27, 2000.

Extrapolating those deaths soley, or even significantly to Y2K preparing is a stretch. I will agree that preparing did cause considerable domestic problems. But then again those couples may have been pre-disposed to having problems before Y2K. Only they know for sure.


My money is on more than 5.

-- Imminent TEOTWAWKI (Lurker@tb.boom), June 27, 2000.

My husband doesn't understand and I am really scared and alone.asked in the TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) Q&A Forum

I'm not quite sure how to explain all the emotions that I am currently going through. I have just had another big row with my husband about Y2K. I have just been told that I am paranoid and that he is fed up with having to deal with it all the time. He doesn't think that the problem is all that serious and that things will be just fine next year.

The other day when I tried to read something to him that I had found over the net he went ballistic and we ended up having a huge argument. He shouted at me then, "what do you expect me to do about it." I attempted to write about it then but was too upset and thought better of it. However, I simply have to tell someone. This isn't a subject that I have a lot of people that I can talk to about. My mother will think I am crackers so I know I can't talk to her about it.

I am feeling really scared right now because my husband doesn't seem to understand. Over the past week he has confirmed my worst fears that he really wasn't that bothered about it. I have tried to talk to him about it, but felt that he didn't really care. He has now confirmed this and I don't know what to do now. I am scared for our children. I am really frightened about how I am feeling. I knew our marriage was on shaky ground but this situation is really bringing home how bad it has become. I really feel like packing up and leaving but where do I go and what do I do. It doesn't seem like a good time to be doing that right now. What really scares me is not being prepared and being stuck with someone who basically doesn't care. I can't imagine what he is going to be like if the SDHTF. I mean he's not much of a handy man at the best of times. He never does anything around the house or yard.

Over the years he has become even more mean-spirited and just plain hard to get on with. The other week he came home one Friday and was actually in a good mood. So much so that one of our children even remarked on how happy daddy was. It's bad when one of your children remarks on it. His happy mood didn't last for long though.

I don't know what to do now. I am really scared and can't believe that I now find myself in this awful position. I am really scared for our children. I have been trying to tell myself for the past two or three weeks that this Y2K thing isn't that bad but I can't shake this bad feeling that I have about it. I know my husband is not going to do anything about it and that anything I do shall cause problems.

Thank you for listening and I realise that somehow I have to deal with this situation myself and try and do what's best for my children. It's just right now I feel really alone and scared.

-- scared (, February 18, 1999

-- cpr (, June 27, 2000.

Thank you "Sad to Say", I'll know now not to trust Bingo anymore. Bingo, you are very low for having shared that kind of personal information with someone who would then broadcast it without thought to this forum. "Sad to Say" bad karma point for you. Bingo, not trustworthy, I can't believe it still.

Jorel is not "some doomer". He is a human being. How freakin low do you all need to get? Huh? I asked for a delete here, I'm sure I wont get it, but I sincerely hope it comes back to all of you in the worst way. Assholes.

-- Spinoff reaches New Low (Go@to.hell), June 27, 2000.

How many people die everyday because of idiot self-centered assholes like CPR? He is a classic example of irresponsible non-constructive behavior, a tremendous cost to our society.

-- (politics.of@personal.destruction), June 27, 2000.


-- (S@d to.say), June 27, 2000.

Look, I'm sorry Jorel is suicidal over y2k. I don't even know him, so I'm not trying to be mean.

cpr KNOWS what he's talking about when he talks about the severity of y2k on lives. You can delete my words,,,,but you can't change the facts. People should know!

-- (S@d to.say), June 27, 2000.

I just noticed some people posted around the same time before me and I wasn't deleted.

Instead of accusing me of commiting an "all time low", I think the people who know Jor_el should be trying to help him instead of hanging around here accusing well-intentioned anons of something sinister.

I'd like to state once again that I'm not trying to be mean. I'm just trying to point out that people like Brian & Co. are trying to diminish the importance of the FUD mongers in the lives of some people.

That ain't right.

Brian & Co. should apologize in ernest to cpr for trying to stop the BS along the way. Obviously, he's STILL trying to help,,,but half- witted dimwits don't have the intelligence to quit wasting his time with stupid posts!

-- (S@d to.say), June 27, 2000.

How many were covered up. On day during the noon news, it was mentioned that the people and officials in the small town were shocked to find that a murder suicide was caused by the fear of what Y2K would bring.

I tried to get more information but it was not to be found.

Aparently a man, wife and children were in Oregon, the children were killed and brought back to their small town in Washington state. The parents were found dead of murder suicide, the childrens bodies were also found, and it had been determined that the children had been killed in Oregon and brought back where the husband killed his wife and self. This was tragic and after investigating the officials found that the parents had been convinced when they were in Oregon that society would end as we know it and killed their children to save them from suffering, then killed themselves after coming home.

I do not know why this was only broadcast one time and the TV station did not answer the e-mail I sent trying to find out more.

-- Cherri (, June 27, 2000.

Hey, I got an idea. Maybe we can love bomb him with e-mails and offer him our support. Anybody know how we can get ahold of him?

-- (S@d to.say), June 27, 2000.

>> How many were covered up. <<

Smells like a conspiracy to rewrite history to me. We should get to the bottom of this.

>> On day during the noon news, it was mentioned that the people and officials in the small town were shocked to find that a murder suicide was caused by the fear of what Y2K would bring. I tried to get more information but it was not to be found. <<

Obviously, the inital report was correct and should be believed. The subsequent silence about this story is shocking. We should expose all those who are responsible for this cover up, even if the trail leads to "the powers that be".

All we need now is the name of the television station, the day the story aired, the name of the small town, the names of the victims, the cause of death and the text of any investigation conducted into the deaths, including the coroner's report.

Once we have those details, we have everything we need to get the truth to the world!

-- Brian McLaughlin (, June 27, 2000.

Suicide: Some doomer named Jor_el over at the FRL site is thinking about it. Bingo 1 can verify this

Excuse me? I don't remember offering verification that the sun is still hanging in the sky, much less the above. Leave my sorry ass out of your posts, anon. Please.

-- Bingo1 (, June 27, 2000.

>> Brian & Co. should apologize in earnest to cpr for trying to stop the BS along the way. <<

I think I catch your meaning here. You think I should thank cpr for trying to stop the BS, not apologize to him for it. But I could be wrong. I am famous for being wrong about Y2K and I am still trying to live it down.

>> Obviously, he's STILL trying to help, but half-witted dimwits don't have the intelligence to quit wasting his time with stupid posts! <<

cpr's endeavors to help us half-witted dimwits to understand our folly is legendary. It seems they are never-ending. I keep trying to do the right thing and let cpr know how much I appreciate his never-ending example of being right about Y2K, but life is so complicated, it seems that no matter how many times I thank him, and how many times I apologize for being wrong about Y2K, it is not enough.

Not only that, but I keep screwing up anew. Now I am wasting cpr's time, who has always been so lavishly generous with his time and his effort and all in the name of helping me. I feel so bad about this. I didn't mean to waste his time. Really.

Sometimes I get the feeling that all cpr ever does is be right and all I can ever manage is to be wrong and get corrected by my betters. But I'm not complaining, mind you. I was wrong about Y2K and if I complain about having this brought to my attention, it would be the same as revising history, which is a bad-no-no.

I am eternally wrong about Y2K. That's immutable, unchangable history. It is just so sad, Sadtosay. Nothing I ever do can erase it. No matter how much I try.

The moving finger writes and having writ

Moves on. Nor all thy piety nor wit

Can lure it back to cancel half a line

Nor all thy tears wash out a word of it.

-- Edward Fitzgerald's translation of the Omar Khayham's Rubaiyat --

And in my case, the moving finger has written wrong about Y2K, and in cpr's it wrote in eternal gilt letters of glory: right about Y2K. He deserves it. He earned it. He may rest upon these laurels for as long as there is are stars up in the sky.

-- Brian McLaughlin (, June 27, 2000.

how many times I apologize for being wrong about Y2K, it is not enough.

Did he ask you to apologize??? I doubt it. YOU were never a player in the FUD mongering that I know of. From my recollection, he only directs most of his anger at people who claimed to be religious or computer authorities (that is why he debunks Steve Heller, Sysman, Ed Yourdon and Gary North tooth and nail.) If he has ever asked you to apologize, I'm sure it is because you are a gnat who takes up too much of his time. I am -amazed- that he answers ANY posts of yours,,,EVER.

but life is so complicated, it seems that no matter how many times I thank him

Very funny. You have never thanked him in earnest. You just keep wasting your time, his and ours with your (not so) smart remarks.

-- (S@d to.say), June 27, 2000.

Hey Sad case, if you idiot pollys think we're going to thank you for something, then you're the ones wasting your time. I guess we might be willing to thank you by letting you suck our sphincters though.

-- (yes you @ are. sad), June 27, 2000.

"Suicide: Some doomer named Jor_el over at the FRL site is thinking about it. XXXXXXX I can verify this"

I just reviewed the FRL site, and I didn't see but one post from Jor_el. Bring on that verification, eh?

-- Anita (, June 27, 2000.

>> You have never thanked him in earnest. <<

cpr, I see that I have never thanked you in earnest for the hundreds, if not thousands of hours you spent telling everyone who would listen that you were right about Y2K, both before and after the non-event.

You could have chosen to let that cup pass from you. You could have hidden your light under a bushel. You could have spent fewer hours repeating your message of Y2K hope, writing things to post at Debunker's, repeating your message of Y2K hope, jousting with Gary North, calling Ed Yourdon a charlatan, disagreeing with the message of Y2K doom and gloom, and repeating your message of Y2K hope.

But you didn't. You gave it everything you had. You kept on repeating your message of Y2K hope to anyone who would listen. Even when they did not listen you kept it up. Even when they turned a deaf ear to you, called you names, spurned your message of Y2K hope and accused you of bad things. You kept on saying what you said through it all, right up to this day. Your message has stayed the same. It is a tribute to you.

If only the whole world had listened to you then and absorbed your message, maybe we wouldn't be in the mess we're in now. I thank you for trying to reach out to all the doomers who were wrong about Y2K, to turn them from their wrong path, to instill in them your message (the right message) about Y2K.

Thanks for being right about Y2K, cpr. We forever owe you a debt of gratitude. We can never thank you properly for all you did and tried to do.

Did I mention that you were right about Y2K, and I was wrong? That's the main thing, you know. We'll never forget you for it.

There now. If that doesn't turn the trick, Sadtosay, you're just going to have to thank cpr yourself, so I can watch and learn the right way to do it. (I fear I may have screwed it up, again.)

-- Brian McLaughlin (, June 27, 2000.

Thank you Brian. I believe that was heartfelt and I appreciate you taking the time to post that to him.

Anita I would like to honor Bingos wishes. I said he could verify that Jor_el is suicidal. I didn't say he would. There are other people who can verify this if they want. Clearly, the person who is upset with me for leaking this has =in effect= verified it.

-- (S@d to.say), June 27, 2000.


Sorry...I misread your comment. I thought YOU could verify your own statement.

-- Anita (, June 27, 2000.

This is bullshit. Jor_el gets furious at BOK's because AR isn't taken to task there. BOK's aint for that. Suicide? Not.

-- Carlos (, June 27, 2000.


Chuck will never give this up... he's hooked on his 15 minutes of fame and he won't give it up untill he dies.

He spammed BIFFIE and DeBunckers with his crap untill they shut him down... now he is here... CAPSLOCKMAN to the last... If he wasn't so pathetic, I'd pitty him/

-- Netghost (ng@no.yr), June 27, 2000.

I can tell you for a fact that there was one life directly saved because of Y2K, that of my daughter. Last year I nagged, begged, argued, and finally demanded (and paid for) a full medical exam for this seemingly perfectly healthy 20 year old woman, just to make sure she went into the next year as healthy as can be. From this exam it was discovered she had a precancerous condition for which she was successfully treated. I can honestly say that had it not been for Y2K I would not have been as insistent on her getting a physical, and am unsure how many years would have passed before she would have done so, being the procrastinator that she is. Clearly her chances for the successful outcome of her treatment would have diminished as time advanced. Because of this, everything we did to prepare for Y2K was worth it to me as it gave me the greatest gift of all, the continued life of my beautiful daughter.

-- Susan (, June 28, 2000.

Hi Susan! May I respectfully submit that the reason for your beautiful daughter's cancer is DUE to you idiot husbands beliefs?

Isn't worry a precursor to cancer?

With all due respect,


-- (Just @cur.ious), June 28, 2000.


Great story, it was kinda the same for my Dad... 2 months before the roll-over they found cancer on an unschedualed Check-up........ Y2k saved his life.... Nay Nay Nay chuckie... sorry Susan, couldn't help it :-)

-- Netghost (ng@no.yr), June 28, 2000.


I thank you for your respectful reply. In fact, my daughter had no concern whatsoever about Y2K. That was due to the fact that she knew her mother and step-father had prepared fully to handle all of her needs should a problem arise. Therefore she was able to live in a normal carefree fashion up to the rollover without lifting one finger or spending one dime on preparations.

-- Susan (, June 28, 2000.

No no. I mean with all the worry Steve had before the rollover --- don't you think that had a negative effect on your daughter?

If not, maybe your daughter is better at controlling her emotions than her dad. Is she biologically his daughter?

I realize I'm getting nosey, but do YOU think Steve is mentally balanced? Come on, you can tell me :-) It will be just between the two of us. (Chuckle)

-- JC (Just @cur.ious), June 28, 2000.

(chuckle) Forget the first question.

-- JC (Just @cur.ious), June 28, 2000.


I can assure you that my daughter, like most 20 yr. olds at the time gave very little thought to Y2K. No, she didn't worry about it at all.

Obviously you cannot read as I stated that Steve is her stepfather.

-- Susan (, June 28, 2000.

I'm sorry, I can read. I was just in a hurry to get my post out before my boss came back so I didn't pay close enough attention.

What I'm trying to get at, Susan --- is I'm wondering what she thinks about a man who bought all that expensive equipment that you don't need, who thought really bizarre things before the rollover (you DO know he is a tiny bit fanatical, don't you?) --- and I'm wondering what she thinks when people around where you live laugh at him. I'm even wondering if you're embarassed of him. Also I'm wondering what people you work with say to you about him. Do they maybe avoid the subject altogether to keep from hurting your feelings?

Like I said, I'm sorry to be so nosey --- but my name says it all.....

-- JC (Just @cur.ious), June 28, 2000.

Geez, JC.

You would have been better off had you terminated posting on this thread after your statement about worry exacerbating cancer. It doesn't CAUSE cancer.

One of my neighbors had a lump in her breast that she noticed when she was nursing her children. Her lump did NOTHING until her kids started college and for the first time in her married life she found herself in the workforce to help pay the bills. She'd been through stressful times before. Her husband had a bad heart, had surgery for that, etc. Once she started working outside the home, her cancer spread to her bones and she died within 3 months.

My dad always complained about various lumps here and there. He complained about his prostate in later years as well, but he chose not to go to a doctor. I've always known that stress exacerbated Cancer. However, I didn't realize that *I* would be the trigger for my dad. MY divorce coincided closely with my dad's submission to his disease. We never know what stress will trigger Cancer. It's individual. I'm happy that Susan's daughter had the problem treated before it developed into a problem. I wish my dad had. I wish my neighbor had, as well.

-- Anita (, June 28, 2000.


Since I am afraid that the stress of your curiosity is going to cause you cancer, I will answer your concerns by saying that both myself and my daughter love and respect Steve. I am very proud to be his wife, and support him 100%. I could care less what people like you think of him.

-- Susan (, June 28, 2000.

AT LEAST FIVE THAT ARE PART AND PARCEL LINKED COMPLETELY TO Y2k FEAR including one teenager and 2 militia types shot after running from the Police in two states after raiding convenience stores with armed weapons.

The unstated assumption in what cpr is saying is that there was never a time when preparing for y2k might be a good idea. The assumption, in other words, is that reliable sources of info in 1998 indicated only one possible outcome: y2k being a non-event.

The outlook for y2k in 1998 and early 1999 was not as rosy as cpr is implying.

Guns, by the way, were not a part of my preps, and I have never been a "militia type" nor a militia member.

-- Hindsight (is@20.20), June 28, 2000.

You forgot to capitalize Preparing.


-- Buddy (, June 28, 2000.

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