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What do you think about this message board? Are you going to be likely to use it? Do you have a similar feature? Do people use it?

-- Sarah (, June 26, 2000


Question #1; Neato!

Question #2; Yup.

Question #3; Hang on let me, no.

Question #4; Ummmm.....not yet. But hang in there, it's a good idea.

-- Michael David Gamache (, June 28, 2000.

1. kewl.

2. hmm..sure, why not. when i have the time, that is (which is few and far between)(sortof).

3. i guess it would help to have a webpage...unless there's a link somewhere in my which case i would think that i would have,

4. umm...people seem to be using yours. thus far. well, two people. at the very least.

-- Christine Gamache (, June 28, 2000.

1)I think its way happening 2)probably, now that I see other people using it 3)nope 4)All the time!

-- The Devil (, June 29, 2000.

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