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Can anyone explain Channel 4's reasoning behind choosing which episodes they are showing at the moment? They seem to be skipping here and there and missing out vital episodes, only to substitute them with less good ones, for example today's "Take these Broken Wings" which is one of the few really disappointing episodes. They seem to have missed out a lot of the better episodes, for example "The Healers", which is important for the ongoing storylines with Carol and Shep, and "Love's Labor Lost" from season 1, which is about the most dramatic one with Mark in. I could go on, but don't worry, I won't.

Which episodes do other people think should have been included but weren't?

-- Rosie (, June 26, 2000


What network is "Channel 4"? Those of us in different areas of the country from you have no idea what you're talking about, so there is no way we can answer your question...

-- Josh (, June 26, 2000.

Channel 4 is a British channel - I agree with you totally, Rosie. I was really looking forward to watching 'The Healers' and was disappointed when they didn't show it. I think it is very odd that they air an episode, miss out the one after but play the one after that - it's a very disjointed way of showing it, and they won't be showing any more from ths week on, which is also disappointing coz I wanted to see eppies from other seasons, not just season two. I think they should have shown the pilot, the one where Mark gets beaten up, the one where Chloe takes back the baby, The Healers, and the one where Susan leaves. Not just the non-consequentially episodes!

-- Vicki (, June 26, 2000.

Take Thes Broken Wings was v. tacky- especially the Susan bits- what WAS that- not like normal ER at all- I blame Anthony Edwards, he should take tips from Laura Innes---(see BSM Heart, season 6)

-- Anna Rousseau (, June 26, 2000.

Channel 4 could not get enough airtime to show all the episodes due to can you believe it ......CRICKET what are they thinking of? Here's hoping they re run the last series if they can find the space in their busy schedules - i bet they fit Chris Evans in!!!!

-- delie (, June 27, 2000.

I think Channel 4 had a two hour slot to fill for about two weeks and that is the reason for the reruns. I think it would be hard to please everyone, and the limited time means that not even season 1 could have been shown in it's entirity, so they thought it best to show a selection from seasons 1-3. I agree that it would have been great to see the pilot again, (to check out if Frank the desk clerk frm the end of season 6 really was Carters first patient in season 1) Its also a pity that they didnt show any of season 4 because I would love to see 'Exodus' again. I was however pleasently surprised by the quality of 'Post Mortem' as the staff, especially Carter and Benton adjust to Gant's death.

-- mags (, June 30, 2000.

I contacted Channel 4 to ask who selected the episodes and on what basis, and was told they "chose those which seemed most popular" - with whom? The selected episodes seemed to me to be without any form of logic and, while I'm always happy to see ER, I just don't understand the reasoning behind this.

They also said they will not be repeating a whole series but gave no real reason why. It is supposed to be the most successful tv ever and has a big audience for channel 4 so you'd think they would make more of an effort (especially when they show garbage like TFI Friday). I remember several years ago they repeated series 1 but have never done anything like it since.

They said to enquire about why videos aren't available in the UK, we must contact Warner Bros - address & telephone below.

Warner Brothers 7th Floor Warner House 98 Theobald's Road London WC1X 8WB

020 7984 5400.

Maybe if we nag hard enough, we will finally get what we want (ER 24 hours a day??)

-- liz williams (, July 03, 2000.

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